(VIDEO) Little Boy Caught Peeing On Tape As His Mom Receives Romantic Marriage Proposal

The moment some couples wait for their entire lives, completely pissed away.

You know that whole "Expectations vs. Reality" thing? This proposal is a perfect example of that.

Kevin Przytula popped the question to his partner, Allyssa Anter, on a Saturday in Bay City, Michigan. Their moment was beautiful, until Anter's three-year-old son Owen stole the show.

Check out the full video below. 

At least, technically, their romantic moment wasn't spoiled as they did not even notice Owen until after she accepted the proposal and had the ring on her finger. 

"He pees outside at home, sometimes in the yard and we went and got ice cream the other day and he did it in the parking lot there," Allyssa said, according to LAD Bible. "He just does it without telling anybody; he just pulls his pants down and goes."

Before it was removed from Facebook, the clip was able to rack up over 50,000 views. Way to pee all over the moment, kid. 

By Nadine / Tuesday 28 August 2018 16:39 / France
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