(VIDEO) For This Woman, An Innocent Limbo Dance Went Completely Wrong

By Nadine / jeudi 23 août 2018 11:59
When you're just trying to get your limbo on, and you accidentally go completely commando. Now that's an FML.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the majority of your life, you know what the limbo is. You know, it's that one dance (game? dance? game-dance?) that you always think you're going to do amazingly at but that you probably always suck at. You know, that one game that a few too many margaritas will make you think you're killing it, but in reality makes you look like an uncoordinated toddler taking their first steps?

More onto the point- most people don't really see the dangers of limbo-ing because, well, besides looking like an idiot; there aren't really any risks. 

That's probably what this one lady thought when she decided to give it a go on the ol' limbo stick. But boy, was she wrong.

Well, that is one cringe worthy FML. Our only question is: why the hell did you buy a swimsuit that buckles right there, lady?! Geeze.

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