(VIDEO) For This Woman, An Innocent Limbo Dance Went Completely Wrong

When you're just trying to get your limbo on, and you accidentally go completely commando. Now that's an FML.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the majority of your life, you know what the limbo is. You know, it's that one dance (game? dance? game-dance?) that you always think you're going to do amazingly at but that you probably always suck at. You know, that one game that a few too many margaritas will make you think you're killing it, but in reality makes you look like an uncoordinated toddler taking their first steps?

More onto the point- most people don't really see the dangers of limbo-ing because, well, besides looking like an idiot; there aren't really any risks. 

That's probably what this one lady thought when she decided to give it a go on the ol' limbo stick. But boy, was she wrong.

Well, that is one cringe worthy FML. Our only question is: why the hell did you buy a swimsuit that buckles right there, lady?! Geeze.

By Nadine / Thursday 23 August 2018 16:25 /
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