(VIDEO) Cops Had To Save Four Women Who Got Stuck On A Unicorn Floaty... And Their Tweets Are Hilarious

It's all fun and games until your rainbow unicorn gets stuck in a pile of weeds and the police have to help you out. Kids, float with caution or end up on FML.

Four women took their unicorn floaty out on Chisago County Lake in Minnesota and got stuck when their floaty tangled up in a bunch of weeds.

Luckily for them, Chisago County sheriffs happened to drive by and were able to come to their rescue. Unluckily for them, it came at the price of these hilarious tweets from the police department's Twitter account. 


Yes, they did say "mad rescue roping skills."

The whole unicorn fiasco (excellent band name by the way, if anyone uses that we'd like credit,) was hilarious enough on its own, but was made even better by the great sense of humor the cops had about the whole situation.

The police department also tweeted about the reality for cops on a day to day basis not always being fun and games, but that it was nice for them to break away from some of the negativity they have to face daily and share a few laughs with the unicorn ladies.

Seriously. Whoever is running this account needs a promotion.

By Nadine / Monday 20 August 2018 15:03 /
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