(VIDEO) Beyoncé Got Stranded On The Floating Stage During Her Concert In Warsaw... Because FMLs Happen To Everyone

Believe it or not, FML moments happen even to the Queen Bee.

According to Variety, Beyoncé got stuck on top of the "flying stage" during her and rapper husband Jay-Z's “On the Run II” tour,  when the stage malfuncioned and would not descend during their Warsaw show. 

Stage managers were actually forced to bring a ladder up to the stage and ask Beyoncé to climb down. Not exactly the show concert goers were expecting.

Y'all know that because this happened to Beyoncé, some people were fired. Hell, the stage itself was probably fired. 

Beyoncé initially seemed reluctant to climb down the ladder, though it's unknown if that had to do with the mjorly high heels she was sporting. 

Beyoncé managed to keep fan energy high during the malfunction and they reciprocated by cheering her on as she attempted to descend the ladder

What can we say? FML moments happen to everyone... especially when technology is involved.

By Nadine / Tuesday 3 July 2018 11:13 /
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