(VIDEO) 13 Reasons Why Takes A More Responsible Approach To Season Two, Adding A Warning Video

Not everyone was thrilled about about the Netflix series's difficult subject matter.

13 Reasons Why took Netflix by storm just under one year ago, successfully starting an important conversation around teen depression and suicide. But the show was not free from criticism, with many mental health professionals claiming that the content was irresponsible and potentially harmful.

“We didn’t know in Season 1 that the conversation was going to be this big,” Brian Wright, Netflix’s vice president of original series, said in an interview with  BuzzFeed News. "What we’re doing now with the lead-up to launch is working with organizations all over the globe, mental health organizations, and school counselor organizations to make sure that people are armed with information and ready for these conversations.”

Although the first season did have a follow up documentary, Behind The Reasons, wich delved deeper into the convesation surrounding suicide, many parents and mental health professionals criticized that it was not enough, even claiming that the show was responsible for some young people killing themselves. Following a global study conducted about how adolescents reacted to the show, Netflix decided to add a video to the beginning of each episode in season two, warning viewers that the content may not be for everyone. The video is just over one minute, but is very powerful. 


"[the show grapples with complex, tough issues,] and that’s why we’re putting so much effort into providing as many resources as possible [...] And at the end of the day, that’s all we can do,” Wright said. “But we feel like by shining a light on these topics and on these tough things that have often lived in the shadows, ultimately there is a greater good that’s happening there. That is the hope.”


By Nadine / Tuesday 27 March 2018 11:13 / France
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