By zahhfj - 2/1/2020 14:00 - United States - Grover Beach

Unfortunate kiss

Today, I kissed a girl for the first time. I went to tell me friends about it by saying, "So, I finally kissed Jeff's sister". To which they replied, "You know his sister used to be his brother, right?" I just kissed a man. FML
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  Callyn  |  47

For a kiss? No, it's not fucked up. At a certain point it is something that Jeff's Sister would have to discuss with a partner, but a first kiss is not really that point.

  Joppei  |  12

I understand your disappointment, but calling someone disgusting just because he or she has a feeling or opinion makes you the same kind of person he is.

By  acmariner99  |  23

What people do with their bodies is their own business, but when it affects others (like intimate relationships), people have a right to know who they are being intimate with. A lot of comments suggest that being straight is wrong. Supporting the trans community does not mean I want to be intimate with one.

By  bloopaloop  |  23

Cutting your dong off doesn’t make you a woman. It makes you a man that cut his dong off.

It’s perfectly fine to cut your dong off if you want. You’re still a human being entitled to do what you want, be happy, and have equal everything to everyone else. Doesnt make you a woman though and OP doesn’t have say they think it does. That’s perfectly fine too.

  thisisbutaname  |  38

You miss the point entirely.

That person isn't a man that "cut his dong off", it's a woman that happened to be born with one. It happens, and it's not her fault she was born with the wrong body. She would also still be a woman in the case she still had a dick.

By  Duc du V.  |  23

You kissed a girl ! So what ? Millions of people do that, everyday !

By  ojosRojos  |  27

Wow, this is disgusting. Shame on FML for approving this post. And shame on a lot of the people commenting for being extremely transphobic. I feel for the GIRL in this post, not the bigoted OP.