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By awkward - 26/07/2013 18:00 - United States - Yorba Linda

Today, my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time. Instead of moaning like any normal person, he just kept saying stuff like "uh-huh," "not too bad," and "yup" in a complete monotone. It was probably the most uncomfortable experience of my life. FML
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As Cleveland says, "you need to put more enthusiasm in your voice".

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How could you guys comment in such a way. It was the most uncomfortable thing in my life reading them.

Probably the only time that comment is acceptable.

#32 it's a shame no one got the Futurama reference ;-;

Seriously a shame no one got the Futurama reference. I was under the impression that the FML community was way over the whole "doesn't matter, had sex" thing. I would have figured the new spin would have been well recieved.

I was under the impression that was a Southpark reference?

Haha yeah for him maybe... Op you just need to find yourself a real man. But if you're planning on putting yourself through that again return the favor and don't moan at all. In fact, grab your phone and post another FML while he's still inside of you. I bet you he'll change his tune real quick.

Lumbergh: You can just go ahead and move a little bit to the left. Yeah, that's it. Great.

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#48, maybe you're a big ol' bag o' dicks.

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I can't say anything in a monotone when I'm having sex... Maybe he was bored..

Anyone else instantly think of Lumberg in Office Space?

Yeah. Um, this experience... Kinda sucks, fair to say uh huh

Nuh uh! Nope! That's too bad OP. Let's hope for a better **** next time

I'm terribly sorry the first time didn't go through as you wanted. I would've suggested more communication here but seeing as that is the problem...

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^ Unless he was very nervous or it was his first time ever? Not everyone has to have ****-like sound effects when they have sex.

Umm ya do have those TSA reports done. Is what comes to mind

TPS reports. And yes I immediately thought office space also.

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Shoulda stopped and asked him what his problem is.

Zimmington 21

Maybe she's one of those girls that just lay there during sex.

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At least he didnt say hes had better

First times almost never go the way you think they should....sorry OP