Turkish TV Contestant Fails To Give The Location Of The Great Wall Of China

Looks like being raised with an American education is not the only FML education one can get.

Twenty-six-year-old Su Ayhan, an economics graduate from Istanbul, recently appeared on Who Wants to Be Millionaire Turkish edition only to become the world's most recent laughing stock.

According to Hurriet Daily News, when asked to answer a question on the location of the Great Wall of China, Ayhan said, “I know the answer but I’d like to ask the audience,” using her first lifeline.

Suuuuure ya do. 

Hilariously enough, only 51 percent of audience members actually had the correct answer, while the rest of the audience actually picked one of the other options, which were India, South Korea, or Japan.

Yes. Because the Great Wall of CHINA is definitely in South Korea. 

Since there was not a concensus (well, can you blame them!? This is of course, one of the tougher questions on the show.) Ayhan used her second lifeline and phoned a friend, who did give her the correct answer and saved her from being eliminated (though, did not save her from being humiliated. It was kinda too late for that.)

The question was only the fourth one, and Ayhan was eliminated with question number 5 when asked about the composer of a popular Turkish song. 

"I could use my lifelines whenever I wanted," Ayhan said after recieving loads of critisism. 

...Sure you can, honey. I don't think that's what people are too concerned about. 

By Nadine / Thursday 9 August 2018 17:22 /
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Top comments
By  ashwednesday  |  12

How about everyone lay off on this poor woman? Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is a notoriously high pressure environment. Contestants mess up easy questions all the time. Who’s to say you or anyone else wouldn’t suspect the host of playing a trick with a soft ball question in the same scenario?

  manofmerr  |  27

Iif it wasn't multiple choice, i would agree whole heartedly, but the answer is right in front of her. I'm actually wondering if its a weird language thing that names that are also possesive don't translate right. or maybe she's just a maroon.

  ari330  |  21

Yeah, because if the host is going to ask me "where is the great wall of China located" my nerves would definitely get in the way of one million dollars and I'm going to say India. She's just stupid.

  jbuckets_404  |  38

manofmerr: Well, of course the Chinese themselves "ALL-ways" refer to it as the "Great Wall of China" (in English) even while otherwise speaking/ writing in Chinese in order to avoid any language-translation-related confusion among themselves.... /sarcasm
And yes, the contestant *would* look good wearing a maroon dress. Or were you calling her a macaroon (cookie)? Something seems to be incorrect/ missing/ lost in your native-language-to-English translation, Mr. Black Kettle. :-(

By  yeongji  |  31

This reminds me of one of Jimmy Kimmel's video where he asked people on the street to name a country anywhere on a map. The number of people who failed made me realize I am not horrible at geography.