Trick or treat? Uh... Results!

Christmas is almost here and Halloween has been over for a month, so it's time we give you the results of the game!

Despite the approach of Christmas and the good feelings conveyed by this holiday, the forces of evil are strong at FML. Whether it's the werewolves, zombies, or vampires, no one skimped on the bites. Only here will you still find people staggering around with claws stuck in their backs, missing fingers, and traces of fangs in their necks. In short, it's been a rather wild month!

Even if all this is amusing and we play for fun, it's still not kiddie soccer with juiceboxes and participation trophies. There are clear winners and losers here! The former are listed below, sorted by family, and are asked to contact me via PM to give me their names and addresses to receive their prizes. The losers have the right to imagine the others having fun with the kilos of candies. Sorry not sorry.

1 ) VAMPIRES     13871 BITES
3 ) ZOMBIES          2674 BITES

1) newbiemalestr8 WITH 8000 BITES
2) Ashamed_Sister WITH 2161 BITES
3) BadAtPuns WITH 1986 BITES

1) MrGoesNuts WITH 4132 BITES
2) tinyme2 WITH 2378 BITES

1) pygmyfrog WITH 1113 BITES

1) whatshername?! WITH 1686 TOTAL BITES
2) the_tofu WITH 459 TOTAL BITES
3) MysteryGuitarMan WITH 447 TOTAL BITES

That's it - you know which side of the fence you're on! Congrats to all the winners, of course. Don't cry if you didn't do so well though, as you can always catch up with the Christmas game...

Bye for now, little monsters!

By Cali / Friday 30 November 2018 16:57 /
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By  MrGoesNuts  |  12

The game was fun, who tried to convert me all the time? Btw did any of you get a reply from Cali?