Top Ten Easter FMLs

By Nina / dimanche 16 avril 2017 06:00
Bring on the Cadbury Creme eggs, it's Easter. Judgmental Easter bunnies, divorce eggs, zombie Jesus, what's your most FML Easter memory?

To those of you out there who celebrate it, happy Easter! 

At it's base, it's relgious, but most of us celebrate it as the time of the year when supermarkets stockpile trats galore, such as chocolate, those inexplicably fluffy, pastel-frosted sugar cookies, peeps *gag*, and for some reason, jelly beans.

Maybe you observe Easter, maybe not, but you don't need to have any religious affiliation to relish in the schadenfreude of other people's failed Easter celebrations.

Enjoy this week's FML selection!


By GrumpyBunny / Monday 28 March 2016 07:27 / United States - Marysville
By BetterThanChocolate - / Sunday 20 April 2014 23:24 / United States - Silver Spring
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