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Today, yet again, my boss whined to me like a baby over being "friend-zoned" by his secretary. Not only does he basically stalk her and make her eat lunch with him every day, she's a lesbian in a committed relationship. He suspended me after I lost it and told him to see a fucking therapist. FML
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I'm pretty sure that's sexual harassment and can be sued for that.


That sucks sorry OP that your boss is a creeper



That sucks sorry OP that your boss is a creeper

Hey, I've found if you stick around long enough, the creepy becomes cute and the girls just learn to love ya... Or they get a restraining order. Either way, no sense giving up until you're arrested, sued, or married, right?

perdix 29

Why are you sorry? The OP has a bright future in blackmail.

Marrach 7

29- The future is black...

He's a creepaa, like a boss.

Since I just have to ask, was her name Debra?

If it was, I think he's allowed to cry deeply and then shit on her desk among other things. He is the boss, you know.

tjv3 10

Sounds like my boss. He is a dirty old married man.

90- but he doesn't suck his own dick, that's just not him.

The woman he's stalking is a lesbian...

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Because he's trying to be a good friend/co-worker? Just because he's backing her up, doesn't mean he's trying to get with her too.

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It's called pointing it out to the creep of the boss so that he knows that she is not available so he can stop his advances. It's not being nosy or anything. Rather It's being a good person or friend.

Llama_Face89 33

Boss is whining to OP about it. Repeatedly it seems. I'd lose my shit, too.

HairyPunisher 27

OP doesn't initially care. He's pointing out that A) the boss doesn't have a chance because his secretary's in a relationship and isn't going to cheat and B) even if she was single, she's gay anyway and wouldn't be interested. That's why OP cares. Sheesh.

Dude that was a stupid fucking question

Also because the boss is kinda harassing her. He may have gotten suspended for it but in the long run everyone will be a little happier.

Re-read the post, then look at how stupid your comment looks.

I'm pretty sure that's sexual harassment and can be sued for that.

It is and she or he (can he?) needs to sue!

Why does it always come down to a lawsuit?

Cause for once this FML is coming to a lawsuit. Sexual harassment is not cool

Krajjan 9

44 - Because if challenging everyone that annoys you to brutal gladiatorial combat was legal, lawyers and judges would be paid significantly less and the lobbyists can't have that. So you want something done, you have to do it legally. =/

Rocky007 15

The OP was not harassed, and the secretary likes the free lunches, so no, there is no harassment here.

3 accidentally gave all their pronouns to 20.

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Some bosses are just unprofessional weirdos and are unfit to lead. Sorry OP.

Why did I read that as the rapist? I think I might need to see a therapist myself.

#75 you had a perfect opportunity for a classic FML bad joke by simply removing the "a". I am disappoint.

At least he didn't fire you. Maybe you can talk to her to get her to stand up for herself?

Good for you for standing up for her, a lot of guys wouldn't have the balls to stick it to their boss.

Still, it's a YDI. There's a different between calmly telling someone they're wrong and exploding on someone like OP described. The boss may be a terrible person and a terrible boss to his secretary, but suspending OP is something I can't disagree with.

I would tell his boss or maybe HR or at least get the secretary to threaten to take legal action

That's fucking ridiculous

rhidiculous 4

Just feel good that you finally let that you won't have to worry about him whining to YOU anymore!

Maybe a report to HR would have been a better approach. Usually flipping out on your boss is looked down upon. Also, it's very unprofessional. Not to say his behavior wasn't, but two wrongs, ya know?

RvidxrKlvn 8

Sometimes people just need to be called out honestly.

I'd say human resources in the early stages of this, Private confrontation around the middle to end, and call em out in front of the entire office as a last resort.

X_Codes 11

Yeah, OP kinda deserved to get suspended, but OP's boss kinda deserves to be fired.

I agree 17, but there is a difference between totally flipping shit and calling him out honestly. In OP's case, some serious shit was flipped if he got suspended.