By nick - Canada
Today, working my pizza delivery job, I got a $45 parking ticket for parking in a no stopping zone. I argued with the bylaw enforcement officer, but no luck. I was so pissed, I yelled at him: "You have the worst job in the world", to which he replied: " Buddy, you deliver pizza!" FML
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  were_giraffe  |  2

I have to agree.

Delivering pizza or not ... the rules of the road and of parking still apply to you.

And then... you try to put the officer down for giving you a ticket?

Looks like the score is now Officer 2, Pizza Delivery Person 0

  fili450r  |  0

lol, normally when i see a cop, it means im in trouble, my fat friend learned that fat kids cant hide behind tiny bushes, lol.

op got pwnd!!!