By gassy - United States - Winter Garden
Today, whilst still trying to potty train my puppy and keep her from both peeing and pooping in the house, my lactose intolerance kicked in full fledge. Every time I pass gas, she smells poop and believes it's okay to immediately drop a deuce on the carpet. FML
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  menja  |  29

I've been lactose intollerant for about half of my life now. I know exactly how it is, and I can say with certainty that it is not that hard to either cut the consumption or substitute it.

  S13rra01257  |  19

Where are you getting your info? Dogs do have periods, have you ever lived with a female dog who wasn't fixed? They have periods every six months to a year and they definitely do bleed. Trust me, I know from experience of having three female dogs.

By  kaed  |  16

You should put her outside for the time being, it will help to show her that what she is doing is wrong and it should train the bad habit out.

A little bit of tough love is required when training puppies. Don't be afraid to show her who's boss.

  10showgirl  |  16

As someone who lives next door to neighbors who only keep their dogs outside, no you should not keep a dog outside. Especially at night time. I haven't slept properly in years due to the constant barking and it gets hot during the day in the south. If OP got a puppy, I'm sure he is willing to care for it properly.

  pink_lightning  |  16

I'm sorry, but just putting a puppy outside isn't going to 'teach' it a lesson. The puppy is not going to associate it's peeing and pooping with being put outside until you build the connection for it to want to go eliminate outside. The puppy is just going to be like 'oh hey, I'm outside now, oh cool grass'. They don't have that great of a memory or the ability to connect things until you show them enough times that they make the connection. This is known as training. Lol. Storing a puppy outside until it magically learns is not training, and not helpful.

By  amanda182  |  19

Yeah, just bring her outside and when she poops or pees give her a treat and congratulate her like crazy to show that it's good. And if she goes in the house scold her and bring her outside. I had a litter of 4 puppies in my house, believe me it gets better lol.