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  LouGout  |  0

Are you f'n kidding me?! Why are they responsible because he is a dumbass? What should you be wearing when you are riding? Long pants and riding boots! Also, you are supposed to inspect your ride.

  airdude25  |  18

The reason is that there was a weak link in the chain from the factory causing the chain to snap... and if there is a broken chain flying you are going to get hurt.

  brooklyn0118  |  22

Brand new from the dealership or sitting in your garage for years any experienced rider knows to do a full check of the bike. It's as simple as that. And to wear proper gear. He probably wouldn't be in the hospital if he was wearing proper riding gear.

  Lalala579121  |  27

There's also nothing to suggest that OP is an experienced rider. And the gear is meant to protect you mostly from sliding along the ground, it isn't designed to protect against being hit with a broken chain moving at high speed.

  PapiiChuloo  |  4

Thats the thing, they dont. Motocross pants arnt even thick. Not anywhere thick enough to stop a chain either. Jeans wouldn't either. & for the riding boots, they dont come up all the way over your knee so there is still room for injury. Plus its funny how people blame the rider for the company's fault. Im pretty sure all of you wouldn't get a brand new car from the dealership inspected after you just bought it.