By jameen - 25/08/2013 12:50 - United Kingdom - Tadley

Today, whilst out shopping with my crush, I decided to jokingly try on a silly-looking dress in an overly-expensive shop. Apparently I took the wrong size as I couldn't get out. Not only did the shop assistants have to publicly cut me out of the dress, I had to pay for it. FML
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How hard did you try to zip it so that there was no way to get out other than to be cut out? YDI

And the reaction you were trying to get from him is...?


How much was it?

friedpwnadge 25

Guess you didn't make the cut.

-14 No, the shop-assistant did.

And it was an expensive cut

Octwo 16

She fell victim to the Chinese Woman-Trap.

tjv3 10

I'm thinking you should have realized that it was too small as you were stuffing yourself into the dress. You should have then not put it all the way on.

... I feel like you should have known it's not going to come off before you got all the way in it. Oops, didn't read that someone already posted this.

BandWagonGuy 8

"Whilst" sounds so off. Just say "while" doofus.

They couldn't at least went in a large dressing room with you?

Oh never mind

your profile picture goes so well with your confused comment

Uncle Vernon! How appropriate on a post about a girl who magically inflates after putting a dress on..

Well that's kinda harsh:/

Llama_Face89 33

72- if OP was so slow that she didn't realize the dress was too small as she's struggling to stuff herself into it I think a few harsh comments are warranted.

If OP couldn't tell by looking at it that's just stupidity.

And the reaction you were trying to get from him is...?

Laughter? It's nice to joke around with the one you like, it creates pleasant memories. It just sucks that OP didn't realize the dress was just how tight it fit till it was already stuck.

It's still hard for me to imagine wanting to create "pleasant memories" so badly that I would squeeze myself into an inevitably terrible and awkward situation. There are much too many other things to do to create memories than...that.

Op didn't know she would get stuck obviously.

23- Or, OP was just being a little too desperate to look cute for her crush.

I'm more boggled at the fact that he willingly waited for someone to try on clothes. Even if it was for a laugh, waiting for people in the change rooms is the most boring part of shopping :/

was he supposed to leave her there then?

How hard did you try to zip it so that there was no way to get out other than to be cut out? YDI

Exactly. If something is gonna get stuck on you, you're gonna know before it gets stuck. If you have to force it on, it does not fit.

Kallian_fml 21

Just cuz it zips, doesn't mean it fits.

If you couldnt get it off. And you had to buy it. Why wouldnt they let you pay for it and leave with it on, so you could cut it off at your own place ?

Maybe she was suffocating in it?

If you're wearing something uncomfortable and silly-looking, chances are you'll want to get it off as soon as you can even if it means public humiliation. Still, OP deserves it.

But you had no trouble getting into it? YDI, OP

Guess it's one of those dates where the girl pays more than the guy does!

I think this has to be exaggerated or something. Honestly, how did OP get in the dress fine, but couldn't get out? I mean, I can see it being difficult and needing some assistance in getting it off, but completely cut off? Come on now.

Clearly OP ate a box of donuts while in the dressing room and put on a few. I mean come on people it's the only logical answer.

Hahah you made me giggle :-) Seriously, the way she describes it, is as of she'd inflated like the woman in Harry Potter, magically, right after she'd put the dress on.

jasmine2301 25

Which store? (please don't be Hollister or a&f.)

Doubt it was one of those. Their clothes might be overpriced and covered in logos, but I've never seen any silly looking clothes at either place. Although I hope you're hating on them bc the CEO sucks and not bc "brand names! Eww!"

I've seen plenty of silly looking clothes there. every brand has their fair share of ridiculous merchandise.

aruam365 24

That would be ridiculously humiliating! You couldn't tell it was too small when you were putting it on though?

Single, in reference to relationship status, is an adjective. Stop trying to be witty and get back in the kitchen.

#25: Single; that's what you are. Now, stop trying to be witty, and learn a bit of respect.

Ummm weight watchers, Jenny Craig, P90x, something to help. We are all here for you!

Getting the wrong clothes size does not equate a need for weight loss.

Who said OP was fat?

9 did! Or at least implied it...

Smoldering 15

Umm not all of us are size 0-5 sorry, that doesn't make us fat. It just makes us different.

If you tried on a silly dress to make him laugh trust me he got a good laugh in