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So actually, this is my FML, but i didn't know if it would let me do a follow up since I have a different user name. So now to tell the whole story. My brother was very young and my family isn't big on alcohol; the most they drink is during the holidays when they're with family. Anyway, The church basically exiled us because they thought we were all raging alcoholics. I just heard mom telling the story and thought i would post it. it goes to show that kids really will say the darnest things haha. He's 13 now and I'm 21, so now he knows what beer actually is, and definitely doesn't say that's his favorite drink.
By ChiefKoala - / Sunday 17 January 2016 16:07 / United States - Harriman
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I honestly don't know why he said that. We aren't big on beer or any other alcohol. I have some now because i just turned 21, so I'm trying out different beers. Not all at once though.

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