By mynameisnotstupid - Germany - Munich
Today, while working in a customer service call center, a customer berated me for using a fake name. He said my name is "too stupid" to be real and that no sane person would ever use it. It was my real name. FML
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  LostInTheZone11  |  28

Better than Mr. Pink.

By  Youtube_Troll  |  12

I hate when people do things like this. My name is really easy to say so is my mothers families, but every time we go anywhere people say our names out loud and pronounce them like they have never read a book.

  Talis99  |  26

Okay, but what name? I work in a call center, too, and it's easy after they show you how to pronounce Aluwhalia and Kamaharenthy and Sengkeyomxay, but not to look at.