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I'm so sorry, Mr. Dick Long.

What is your name?


What is your name?

I'm guessing Mike Hunt.

You're damn right it is.

LostInTheZone11 28

Better than Mr. Pink.

I guess it's something like "Suq Madiq" or seeing as it comes from Germany maybe Alfons Hettler

Gaylen Faggitt? No, seriously. Some poor guy really was given that name as a child. Dafuq is wrong with parents?

I commend you for your whovian-ness

Biggus Dickus?

Stan Lee, that or Tony Stark. Jemima Maple?

66 it's Francis

I'm so sorry, Mr. Dick Long.

Fuck I accidentally down voted. please regard the above comment as having two more upvotes than it appears to have.

I appreciate it, Zoidberg

Sorry OP. I'm sure your name isn't stupid, just not the common names the guy was used to

Too bad, Hugh Jass.

"Hello, this is Hugh Jass."

Cook Pu? Is that you?

Don't worry the she just jealous her names isn't as cool as yours!!!

I hate when people do things like this. My name is really easy to say so is my mothers families, but every time we go anywhere people say our names out loud and pronounce them like they have never read a book.

Okay, but what name? I work in a call center, too, and it's easy after they show you how to pronounce Aluwhalia and Kamaharenthy and Sengkeyomxay, but not to look at.

Some people are just so insensitive. Cheer up, Satan Johnson.

And your name is...? We need a follow-up

I'm sure things will look up for you Ben Dover