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This is a purrty cool string of comments! Beclaws I'm feline a little catty, I'll keep my comment short, but I know some of you will say the cat got my tongue!
...Well, I tried, but this comment certainly isn't the cat's meow!
... Ok, seriously, I'll stop now.

  Sandsh8rk  |  36

I don't think it was about the intervention. ..I think it was about the lady who left the air conditioner on for the cats while at work, clocking up the electricity bill.

  perdix  |  29

#27, but mine isn't. Not this time. Often I make the "pussy" joke, but "chats" is simply the French word for "cats." Your mission is off to a bad start.

By  maz95  |  17

Well you're not alone. My mum is so completely in love with her two cats that she had an actual fit lasting 4 days when I told her I couldn't work out a video system for her to see the cats through when she's away from home.

By  revolution4ever  |  14

I could only imagine how that conversation would go. "Hey, whatcha up to?" "Hey! Not much, just finished licking myself and coughing up a hairball." What a wonderful text that would be.

  hannaaaahr  |  33

At least I would know what to expect upon returning home:
'Whoa.. Just killed a hugeee rat. He's really big, I dragged him inside for you to see. Just dropped some of his organs on the floor, hope you don't mind!'