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Today, while working at Starbucks, a man came in and placed his order. I made his drink, topped it with whipped cream, and put the lid on. Some cream was seeping out of the top. He looked at me and said, "Good... you left a nipple..." and slowly licked it off. FML
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So did you get his number?

That is absolutely disturbing, there are some creepy people out there...


That is absolutely disturbing, there are some creepy people out there...

Calling it a nipple is just really freakin weird.

jazzy_123 20

This made me cringe when i read it. Then i lol'd a little ha.

I would've dropped to the ground laughing..

Ewww that's really disturbing...

wlddog 14

Oh come on!!!!! She left me a nipple of cream. It looked exactly like a nipple. Like she sculpted it with a mold. It had a nipple ring and everything. The other girl behind the counter laughed, and she didn't mind when I left a "big tip" either. That is the last time I go to her store naked.

So did you get his number?

Kinda like the ISP repair man deal.. Right?

i see what you did there #50

There is no use crying over spilled milk. This sort of thing happens to people everyday. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee move on with your life. The guy obviously does not have a lick of sense. This FML was the cream of the crop for me.

Your grammar has improved! I guess now you won't get… roasted for it.

oj101 33

I would give him a good Frappe if I were you.

That must have scared the crappucino out of you.

oj101 33

Yes, a grande one. No wait, a Venti one.

Lionesse 15

You meet the weirdest people at Starbucks. No joke.

You misspelled "Walmart".

Lionesse 15

I avoid Walmart altogether Doc. Walmart has permanently been removed from my vocabulary on the account that I can never walk into one and have a normal shopping day.

nnnope 26

sounds like a guy with a great sense of humor. lighten up, OP. :P

Sounds more like a guy who likes to sexually harass women.

If creepiness is part of a great sense of humor

nnnope 26

I'm failing to see how the word "nipple" counts as sexual harassment.

That is now one of the many reasons why I will never work in Starbucks. Also, all of these coffee puns remind me of an episode of the Regular Show (is there anyone else out there that watches children's TV) :')

gabbybmo 5

I love regular show

Does MLP count as "children's TV"? And what about Spongebob? Phineas & Ferb?

Fiiist puuump!

And the award for the creepiest costumer goes to....him. Never heard a sexual innuendo that had to do with coffee. He either deserves a reward (if joking), or a slap.

Clearly you've never watched Eddie Izzard then... "I like my coffee hot and strong. Like I like my women: hot and strong...with a spoon in them!"

dontpanic_fml 32

I hate it when people think customer is spelled costumer