Today, while working at my life guard job, I noticed a girl bouncing on one foot over to the pool. Afraid she would trip, I whistled at her and harshly yelled "NO running or messing around on the pool deck!" She removed her towel, revealing her legs. Or leg, she only had one. FML

By ugh.. - / Sunday 9 August 2009 15:27 / United States
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By  sireen  |  0

ouchh:/ but how did you not notice.. even with a towel

  danielrp34  |  7

Well, when do you hop? When you have something stuck in your foot, or you have only one....I think thats clear....

  scholmo88  |  0

Yeah, im a lifeguard and unless your dumb, you'd have known! If she was wearing a towel you'd notice that her leg would be caught up in it! Making a visible bulge! I think this is a fake FML


Rag on his grammar all you would like to, he does have a point. Although, I wouldn't jump to the assumption that it's a fake FML, as lifeguards DO tend to shout things like that without thinking. I've had to yell 'No running' so many times, it's a monotonous reflex, now.

By  sireen  |  0

how did you not notice:/

By  ichat21  |  9

ehh YDI u could hav told her nicely and been like "hey, plz b careful" or 'please walk ovr 2 the pool plz" u didnt hav 2 yell

By  volleyballgirl16  |  0

YDI for being an asshole you didnt have to say it harshly

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