By "breejanai"
Today, while working as a veterinary assistant, an owner stood extremely close to me and kept accidentally petting me instead of her dog. After her dog was examined, she asked me if I'd ever had the chicken pox because she has shingles and it's contagious to those who haven't. I haven't. FML
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By  CassyM  |  6

I hope you don't get it. Way better for your health if you never do. Those chicken pox parties are very old thinking. That person is rude for being out with active shingles going on. I am guessing because of the dog they might not have had a choice.

  rickAUS  |  22

Correct. Just like chickenpox, it's only contagious if you a) haven't had chickenpox before and; b) come into contact with unscabbed blisters.

By  mariri9206  |  32

Um, I'm pretty sure you could sue her for that. One: It's unwanted touching (or so it seems based on your FML) so you could probably do harassment charges of some sort as well as maybe a battery charge for offensive touching and it's endangering your life and risking your health.

  mariri9206  |  32

I meant to make a two parter but it morphed into one part. lol

  PennyLane27  |  32

It's from the same virus. Vericella zoster (chicken pox) is a herpes virus. There is an initial sickness (chicken pox), but it never actually goes away. It stays dormant and then can flare up again once you're older or sometimes if you've become immunocompromised. When it flares up again, that's the same virus, but the condition manifests differently as shingles. If you've got an active shingles infection, with open sores and such, it can transmit the zoster virus. OP would be at risk of contracting the virus, which would probably present itself as chicken pox first. And given OP isn't a young child, the chickenpox would likely be more severe.

  Garnetshaddow  |  30

It's the same virus. If you get it, it's in your system for life. They call it "chicken pox" when its the first time you get it. It's worse for adults than children. "Shingles" is what it's called when you have outbreaks later in life. It can be brought on by immune disorders or stress. Sometimes they're just random.

By  PennyLane27  |  32

OP, get to a doctor asap! Maybe it's not too late for a chicken pox vaccine and a shingles vaccine?? Maybe there's something they can do? Ugh. it should be a criminal offense to knowingly infect someone with something like that!

By  redlizzybeth  |  24

I would contact your doctor and the health department. If that person has active shingles and is wandering around then the health department would be the best group to address it.

By  Jweyker85  |  2

You are susceptible to shingles if you HAVE had chickenpox, not if you HAVEN'T. And yes, the pictures need to be active for you to contract it. If you haven't had chickenpox, you're fine. But I would say go get the chickenpox vaccine if you're a candidate, because shingles hurts like all holy hell!