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Sharing at its finest. Damn good job miss.

caring is sharing.


Well, no one can accuse that kid of stopping at mere words.

Early Christmas present? Happy holidays!

Sharing at its finest. Damn good job miss.

I think it's cute how the baby just wanted to play instead of being a bad baby! It's adorable!

That's a pretty crappy situation.

There's always somebody...

I see what you did there

#54 everyone did!

caring is sharing.

Sharing is caring. Get it right

Because children at that age don't quite know how to say, "I'm an asshole" just yet.

She's two. She's not a fricking asshole for that.

Two-year-olds aren't assholes. If the child threw the poop at someone or smeared it into the carpet, then it's understandable to think the child is mean. Sadly, this child may do this at home because the parents don't pay enough attention when she needs to poop or just pooped.

*sigh* I forgot that people take FML commentary so seriously... I'm not a moron, obviously children that age can't be blamed for their actions unless it's purely out of spite.

I get it was a joke. Some folks take things waaaaay to serious.

best way is to show her proper way. Teach her to use certain words. Sorry OP, sometimes you gotta deal with shitty situations.

She's 2. It was her attempted at being nice.

Yeah that kids smart. At 2 I would poop my diaper and bawl my eyes out. According to my mom I only reached into my diaper and did "poopoo drawings from 3-5". Lol. At least the kid is smart enough to not draw with it like I did.

Well that could've been a shitty day ha Ha ha

That's the kind of "shit" you sign up for when you decide to do early childhood. (pun totally intended =P)

Why would you use quotation marks if there is no other clever way of interpreting the word for its intended use?

I think they were trying to point out the pun. Shit can be meant in two ways. So I'm fine with the quotation marks (all the most people would get it without) but the extra sentence in brackets? NO idea why that's needed.

Wow op. Fyl

Sure would be nice if there was a button for that.