By ajnmegs - 19/04/2012 16:08 - United States - Aurora

Today, while watching TV with my wife, I realized that we were still watching "My Little Pony" even though the kids had been asleep for half an hour. FML
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subconsciously you both must love my little pony

JocelynKaulitz 28

No big deal. You might be an adult, but you were a kid once...


subconsciously you both must love my little pony

Mom while cooking: "My little pony..." Dad while driving: "My little pony..." Kid: Wtf?

Is it just me, or is My Little Pony a really big thing now for some reason?

21- it's not just you, it's quite a good show.

Doesn't my little pony have really good morals in it and life lessons...?

The older episode were better. After the movie, it became crap.

Damn you, SkoomaKi. Your comment edit makes my comment looks out of place.

Damn you The_A_Teen! ;D Snooze you lose!

Alexisthebestest 16

I haven't heard anyone mention My Little Pony since the late 90s...

DobiesJS2012 9

Hey at least you didn't get stuck watching Pee Wee Herman..or..the Telly Tubbies.

hey!! I like tellie tubbies!!

Trix_Disorder 20

Isn't it brohoof?

It's brohoof for the bronies, it's hoof bump for the ponies. During one of Pinkie Pie's songs she hoof bumps another pony. I do however, forget whether or not the song was part of an advertisement or actually in one of the episodes.

Trix_Disorder 20

You mean Pegasisters. ;) Anywho, thanks for the insight!

aswan10 3

Nothing better than children's tv. Gota luvvv it!

fisch53 5

Pee-Wee is the SHIT.

I was watching my little pony before it was mainstream

Maddidaddi 0

It happens.

Because of mc donalds promotion

Everybody's obsessed with My Little Pony now. XD

camochick27 4

Yo gabba gabba is a great show. They teach lots of things like no biting, no cutting in line and to try different foods because they might like them. Not to mention it is made by the aquabats!! Lol. Brobee is my homie!! Lmao

MerrikBarbarian 9

132- I just discovered my bf was a brony. He denies it but how many guys who aren't bronies can name all the ponies and have watched multiple episodes on their own. XD

Still a better love story than twilight

doglover100 28

It's been big expecally with teenagers now. I don't get it.

Generation 1 was all about the toys and didn't have much plot. G2 had almost every "girly" stereotype that you can think of. The movie was not any better. G3/3.5 Was scary. The writing and art became even worse. If you can imagine that. G4 (current) Has an interesting plot and good artists. And almost no stereotypes. Instead there are lessons on friendship and how with work a female has no limits. G4 is the best of all the Generations of My Little Pony.

JocelynKaulitz 28

No big deal. You might be an adult, but you were a kid once...

allthatandmore 0

Even adults have to sometimes express their need for My little Pony!

And Dora the Explorer! I love Dora!

17- the My Little Pony writers are geniuses.

LoveMay 10

Exactly … "once"

LoveMay 10

Exactly … "once"

51-actually Dora had a heart attack as soon as she found about google maps.

Exactly, besides the producer for MLP:FiM, Lauren Fauster(Fausten), was also behind PowerPuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and those had a great following from various ages as well

sometimes i watch fox news and think its x files

Bronies and pegasisters!

You can never have too much MLP.

You must be a bronie then

Jakesterk96 8


Kefka91 15


Come on, op. You have to love us!

It's Brony when referring to one. Bronies when referring to a group.

Chad I don't get it, why do you bronies love my little pony? I'm gonna get buried but it's a little kids show and it's pretty weird for grown men watch it

I understand it has SOME adult humor in it but the plot is juvenile and the show is for like 8 year old girls. But whatever I won't judge you I guess. Now if you're a clopper, then that's a different story.

#115, because why not? :3

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Yes because 5 year old women can talk like grown women, and can spontaneously have a 4 foot growth spurt whenever they feel like it. So obviously, your story makes complete sense and is clearly feasible.

Guys, I was trying to think of something clever to say and very obviously failed. Sorry :/

That's ok. We all have our fail moments on FML.

22- I think maybe he was joking. Just a guess.

Now I feel bad for writing my comment. Damn it. #40 - It's a girl.

that movie gave my nightmares for weeks!!

emogiggles 0

49-really? I didn't find it very scary except for the part where she kills the nun but I didn't have any problems with sleeping or anything

really! I loved that movie. Picked it out for halloween '09

Sonic rainboom.

There's been too many My Little Pony things going on now. TOO MANY TROLIES( I think that's what they call them[ correct me if I'm wrong

Rainbow dash is weak. Pinkie pie's where it's at.

On the Panasonic (;

Fluttershy is best pony.

kurololita 6

191- you have impecable tastes in ponies.

Crackle is best pony

My favorites are Derpy, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack. ;D

Rainbow dash is best pony.

roxasfightshard 0

Twilight sparkle is best pony

All you had to do was say "Sonic rainboom", and all the bronies (myself included) knew what you meant.

this is a first world problem

Haha i do that all the time!

Me too! I'm 14, I love My Little Pony and I'm not even trying to hide it :| I have got issues...

Lily_lops95 0

Oh my god! Me toooooo! I luf My Lil Pony!!!!

Is it a coincidence that you were all born in '98?

She's trying to make you into a Brony OP! RESIST! RESIST!

Resistance is futile. The transformation has begun.

*turn you. Sorry for the bad grammar

You will be assimilated.

moneybagz131 6

I just absolutely LOVE your profile pic!

Welcome to the herd!

Thumb up just cuz you have eevee prof pic.

StormGirl142 24

( High hoof, brony.