By Cellismasher - 04/11/2009 22:37 - United States

Today, while walking to work, I accidentally dropped my $400 cell phone on the sidewalk. The screen shattered into a million pieces. A woman passing by looked at the ruined phone and said, "Now that's what you call a dropped call!" She laughed and kept walking. FML
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That sucks!!! That lady is kinda funny though! lol

Pat this woman on the back for making a joke! Then feel free to punch her in the face.


That sucks!!! That lady is kinda funny though! lol

That's pretty good, haha.

that lady should be on stage.

LOL button please!!! hahaha this just made my day!

aahahahahaha i laughed. made my day. props to her

Win for that lady!

tell her it wasnt funny and then punch her in the stomach!

LOL agreed xD

YDI for buying a $400 glass phone and not having enough sense to buy a case for it.

well clutz ydi

A million pieces YEAh RIGHT :)

who's cell phone shatters when you drop it?!

I would have said this too but would ave also said jk sorry about ur phone

I see what she did there

what was the lady supposed to do its not her phone therefore not her problem

your waisting money if your phone shatters just by being dropped once, i have a 350 dollar phone and i drop it often and it works fine

Maybe it wasn't a short drop. Or it could have just landed on something sharp? Or on the edge? Who knows. You're right, a couple bucks on a case would have saved you a whole lot of money in the long run, but hey, its your money.

A phone this expensive shouldn't break because of a short fall (I assume it fell out of the pocket or hand)...They either ripped you off or it was bad luck. That woman is hilarious!

Clearly, you don't have friends with the iPhone. All you need to do to break that phone is drop it from no more than 3 feet and you've got a front row seat to the anatomy of modern day electronics

Actually, #146, the iPhone isn't as hard to break as you seem to think. I'm an iPhone owner and I drop my phone almost daily. Once I dropped my phone on asphalt while walking to my car after class and cracked the screen. I easily replaced the screen myself since it wasn't covered under warranty. I've dropped it puddles of water twice, a glass of iced tea once and glass of soda once. I'm sure I've done other stuff to it too. Guess what? It still works as well as it did the day I got it. And I don't use a case. I don't intend on using one, either. Some day I'll do something to my phone that'll kill it completely and I'll just use that as an excuse to get the new iPhone that I really want. Also, I must add, that I have numerous friends with the iPhone as well. A couple of them have managed to crack the screen, but aside from that their phones are fine too.

Who the hell pays $400 for a phone, anyway? Mine cost $40 and I think it's a rip off (they didn't have anything cheaper).

Well, so if you are a businessman traveling every day, you buy a navigation system for $200 a Netbook/Notebook for at least $200 for checking mails a UMTS-Stick for at least $50 for getting online an organiser for getting your calender managed for at least $100 If you want to play some 3D-games, you buy a PSP for at least $150 A MP3-Player with some GB of memory for $50 Maybe something to watch videos while driving - >$100 Oh, maybe also something that warns you about radar traps - don't know, at least $50? Oh, and yes, a mobile phone to call your friends using your Bluetooth headset - $40 ;) Just some points why buying a phone for $400 could be a good move ;)

how the fuck do you drop your iphone into a glass of soda?

exactly!! I have a blackberry storm, and I have dropped it a few times... but unlike the op i have a protective case for it.... I have broken the case already, but i bought a new one... the phones still in perfect shape :)

I'm with you #174...$400 on a phone! WTF Who are you calling, MARS? URANUS!? My cheapie phone has taken falls, baths, beatings, bitings and still works good! Get over it.

bitings? uhmm :

my 1 year old used it as a teething toy

#160 A netbook can do most of the things above without the need to buy any of the other stuff. Let's see... -Many current ones come with the GPRS internet capability, and a slot where you can stick a SIM card in. -Can play games (including older 3D ones, like Doom and Return to Castle Wolfenstein). -Can obviously play MP3s and videos. -You can get a calendar manager/organizer program, there are probably even free ones you can download (or at least a pirated version of a commercial one). -Why the need for a navigation system if you can use Google maps as long as you have internet access. -I don't know what a "radar trap" is, but I'm sure you can find the warning info on some internet site. -You can even use it as a phone with your SIM card, or through Skype if you have an alternative connection. On the other hand, what are the chances that the OP is a businessman and actually needs all those functions? I'm willing to bet it's just another teenager/young adult who got an expensive phone just to show off to friends/classmates.

"waisting"? That's not even a word, smart one. I think you mean "wasting"

#3: "waisting"? That's not even a word, smart one. I think you mean "wasting" I also assume you meant "you're" (you are) instead of "your" (that which belongs to you)

u guys r all dumb it's obvious, he was walking to the store while texting when all of a sudden he gets attacked by ninjas and sends his phone flying 100 feet in the air causing it to shatter into pieces

people shouldnt have phones that can't take care of em, that's what mama always said lol

Five quid #3 has a Nokia.

awesome! I gotta use that one

Pat this woman on the back for making a joke! Then feel free to punch her in the face.

You sir win.

Meh, FML ate my comment, but it'll probably pop up later. Organisedchaos, please learn to take a joke. Even if the joke isn't as hilarious as the one from the FML, there's really no need to resort to insults and name-calling. It just makes you look silly.

#63, telling people to fuck off and die definitely makes you look rather like a douche. just sayin.

Why is it that so many people in today's society use the word retard? Really, what makes it acceptable? #63, I understand where you are coming from, but do you really need to throw that word out there? It's not funny, and it doesn't make you look like the big-bad guy on this website, it just makes you purely rude.

Well, sir, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it. I don't agree with it and you don't agree with my joke, so I suppose we're even. We have different senses of humor, which is just a part of life. :] It's just a shame you told me to "fuck off and die" though; you lost a lot of credibility there. I'm tempted to insult your intelligence the same way you insulted mine, but that would be a rude, immature thing to do. I'm not entirely sure why my joke offended you so much though. This already happened. It's not like OP is going to read through the comments, see mine, and say, "What a great idea! I'll find this woman and clock her right in the face!" If I was seriously trying to encourage violence against cheesy joke-makers, I wouldn't do it on Just throwing that out there.

Sorry, did you miss where I stated that I knew where you were coming from #137? I know that abuse is not a matter to joke around with, which is why I do not support it, and I also do not support the use of the word retard. There are much more acceptable words that you could use to come across as rude. But retard is so unbelievably offensive. In my mind, using the word retard is just a bad as using the words homo, gay, fag, etc. It is just an absolutely horrible thing to say or call someone. So please, just shut the hell up.

Oh, hypocrisy... :]

She failed at trying to make a witty remark. and I'm sorry about your phone!

That's not a fail, that's funny!

Hell yeah... That shit was not funny.. you shoulda fucked her up.... and then ran..

She also laughed at her own joke when no one else did. So, yeah, she deserved pain.

Guess where I like to take massive dick.

That's sad... not the emotional way.. go and buy a cheepass Nokia phone.. fell out of my pocket 1 time and fell 2 stories before it hit some pottery (the clay bottom of indoor plant things) and went onto the floor... it worked fine.

she is really, really mean (though i did lol at this one) I probably would have just said "ouch, hope it wasn't too expensive" and walked away

Rum up to her steall her phone smash it on the floor and say the same thing

that would be the greatest