By Anonymous - / Saturday 25 April 2009 21:51 / United States
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By  MukyDaCookie  |  0

PDA not A-OK!
Its too bad that he realised now that he can do better, you probably worked really hard to get him to think you were all he could get. Ah well, 5 minutes on the knees and he won't leave ;)

  chelzy  |  0

my teacher gave me the bird once. it was funny. I threw an egg at his car the next day. he knew it was me, but didn't really care. oh, and u should come to my school. teachers don't bug u about PDA. they just use the sound grenade on you.

By  akeep5  |  0

there are rules to that in your high school??
people practically have sex in the hallways of my school....
its disgusting
anyways FYL that really sucks

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