By Anonymous - United States
Today, while walking through the halls of my high school, me and my boyfriend shared a quick kiss. A young teacher walks by and tells us to stop due to Personal Display of Affection rules at our school. She then looks at my boyfriend and tells him he could do so much better. FML
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By  MukyDaCookie  |  0

PDA not A-OK!
Its too bad that he realised now that he can do better, you probably worked really hard to get him to think you were all he could get. Ah well, 5 minutes on the knees and he won't leave ;)

  chelzy  |  0

my teacher gave me the bird once. it was funny. I threw an egg at his car the next day. he knew it was me, but didn't really care. oh, and u should come to my school. teachers don't bug u about PDA. they just use the sound grenade on you.

By  akeep5  |  0

there are rules to that in your high school??
people practically have sex in the hallways of my school....
its disgusting
anyways FYL that really sucks