By Danger. Hard Hat Area. - 28/01/2017 20:00 - United States - Philadelphia

Today, while walking past a construction site on my way to class, a hard hat fell off a roof and hit me on the head. FML
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That is some of the most delicious irony I have ever tasted. Hope you're okay.

Hope your okay OP:)


You should have been wearing a hard hat when walking past a construction site :p

Hope your okay OP:)

How did that happen? Both of the colleges I attended has construction sites part of the time I was there and there would always be blockades that extended a little bit beyond where the work is going on. If there is being work done on the roof, there should have at least been those tiny wooden gate/fence things that say beware of ongoing construction. During a major construction I was around, it was an 8 foot metal fence with tarp extended quite a few yards from the site.. Did you ignore warnings or perhaps cheated by go8ng through a cut through in grass/foliage that maybe got too close to construction but didn't have a sign?? As many campuses one I'd my campuses asked students not to walk in the grass... Not the students listened. there was a dirt foot made path just to cut a corner for Pete's sake at my campus were we were told to keep off. But it would explain a potential lack of signage. Or, maybe the hat was more accidentally flung off the roof so it had some serious air? Just a little concerned this happened cause it could have been much worse than a hard hat of coming from a construction site.

The wind could have blown the hat towards OP

Plot twist: the class is about gravity and terminal velocity

That is some of the most delicious irony I have ever tasted. Hope you're okay.

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I hope you ran off with it.

Oh gravity, thou art a heartless bitch.

Well at least now you're covered.

Oh, the irony..

Isn't this a recycled FML??? I remember reading this one months ago