By TheKunitzShow14 - 10/08/2011 07:22 - United States

Today, while walking on the sidewalk, someone hit me with their car. They yelled at me for being in their way. FML
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Some people should not be driving.. Hope you're okay, OP.


yeah that'll show um

3 mph, the driver must have been really drunk

cool story 17

Oh yeah the shock of getting hit by the car and the extreme pain one gets from the hit is just so insignificant that it is possible to flip the driver off. Bravo #1! Also what is flipping off supposed to do to a drunk driver?

was it a dodge that hit you cause that would be ironic?

You were in the way

Get out the way!!!

If you flip him off he probably would have put his car in reverse and hit u again...

17 since we're sharing stories, (this is most likely a YDI story) I was strolling down the street (in a shopping cart. What? I was bored.) when a car almost hit me. She then rolled down her window and started yelling at me "If I hit you, I would've sued you for getting blood on my car." She then started driving away saying "Punkass, dumbass, wanna be a whiteass." (I guess the white ass part was because white people do stupid things or something. I'm hispanic btw.) I didn't submit the FML though because nothing really bad happened.

today while i was driving some dumbass was in my way so i hit him i wasnt my fault.....

Move bitch get out the way!

I'm drivin 3 mph towards your driveway... Tryin to go home? get the f*** out of my way!

Yeah, I WOULDN'T try flipping off the guy with a 4000 pound steel machine.

105 I was the one that posted this and this happened in pgh!!!

105 u beat me to it lol

I think if she flip them she will get run over

What's your problem OP that car was having fun driving on the sidewalks then you showed up, god.

Yeah #1, if she can even move her fingers after they get run over.

I'm sure he was walking by a driveway or a parking lot entrance. YDI

Some people should not be driving.. Hope you're okay, OP.

I know, what pricks.

The DMV gives anyone a license these days..

Especially me.

Just punch them and say "sorry your face got in the way of my fist"

Well yelling won't stop them from getting sued. FYL OP

I hate fake FML's. -_-

Three o's of bad driving. Old oriental and ovaries.

I heard it was old, hat-wearing volvo drivers.

Yeah 57, like he'll/she'll chase the car that hit him/her while in horrible pain and possibly with broken bones.

Haha the exact same thing happened to my friend today and the guy wanted to fight him some people are asses hope you didnt get hurt though

soo is the car ok?

Looks like theres a dick between ur tits... Also thats so GTA4! *drives over a pedestrian in a car* Comment : you're in my way!

Well move out of peoples way!!!

he was on the sidewalk...

see there's this thing called sarcasm that people tend to use when trying to be comical google it

I think 3 was being sarcastic, either that or she is extremely stupid

I was talking to 11

indeed well played

Thank you good sir

No I'm just stupid

No I'm just stupid

Wow I hate drivers like that!! I agree FYL op.

Do you know many drivers who hit people while driving on footpaths?

Indeed. I do.

Try to always get a lift from them, you don't want to be walking around while they are on the roads lol

Ive been hit by 1, same situation

Just hit them with a good old slap of reality, remind them that they are in the wrong.

Hi Hannah i hope i could get to know you ;)

Hi, Dave, I hope you could get to know FML and realize that it's NOT a dating site, and even if you aren't trying to hook up, they made the PM system for a reason. If you're on a phone, then please try to keep comments like this to yourself.

While the driver is in the car, and your bones are possibly broken from the impact of the car? (Insert Courage Wolf Meme Here)

Well us drivers have to get places! Jokes.

And us people have now wasted time reading your unfunny comment! Jokes.

It really only takes a few seconds to read a comment, and probably half a minute or so to type a reply. How much of that time was actually valuable to you?

All of it was valuble to me. Those precious 2 seconds of my life are gone forever.

funny how witty ur comment was yet ur pic is of a troll

Haha' They Were Probably Drunk. Hope You're Okaay Though(:

That's Really Funny Almost As Funny As The Way You Type Haha! (:

your in his way of driving on the sidewalk...

ooh ur gooood ur sooooo smrt u must got an phd or sum shyt congratz

135, and you obviously didn't pass the 5th grade.

thats rude... throw something at their car

While in pain on the ground...

101- When I was hit by a car on my bike, all that happened was I got a few 3-4 inch cuts and scrapes on my arms :/

Some body drove on the wrong part of the rode today.

Be nice now, she probably sent that from her fone.

Is it really that hard to spell "road"? Rode is a completely different word with different meanings and spelling. C'mon girl, I know my generation is smarter then that.

*than. Apparently it's not.

I can't spell. I have a learning disabled.

79- How can you say that you thought our generation is smarter than that when you read FMLs all the time?

I can read just not spell.