By getoffthephone - 30/03/2015 09:19 - United Kingdom

Today, while waiting for the bus, I googled walking directions to my destination, in case I had already missed the bus. I was so absorbed in my search that I missed the bus. FML
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Did you not hear it pull up right in front of you?

At least you knew where to go...


At least you knew where to go...

At least they can wait for the next bus.

Wait for the next one then?

Wouldn't have missed the bus, if you were focusing on the bus than google.

Thank you for clarifying the obvious.

A little exercise never hurt!

and we know the people that downvote this are the obese ones

#15 there's a lot of people who aren't obese, but still unfit, unhealthy, and just lazy.

Well now you're ready to have missed the bus

Did you not hear it pull up right in front of you?

If the bus stop is anywhere near a light then there would be a lot of vehicles stopping and going- including other busses.

Or if OP was the only one there and didn't signal, it might have just driven past them.

Some places you have to hail the bus, they don't stop otherwise.

Well I guess today seems like a fine day for a walk.

*single thundercloud appears over OP's head*

No "Wheels on the bus" song today.

On the bright least you didn't waste your time with the search. Exercise can only do good!

And you didn't hear the bus drive by?