By eldar90 - 25/02/2012 21:38 - Israel

Today, while waiting for my grandmother at the train station, a girl walked out and climbed into my car. When I cleared my throat to tell her of her mistake, she screamed and ran out as if I was a criminal trying to abduct her. FML
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asoptavlo14 6

Bitches be crazy.

I hope the cops didn't show up. Sorry, man.


asoptavlo14 6

Bitches be crazy.

I got 99 problems and a kidnapping charge is one.

I think calling a little girl a bitch is a bit harsh don't you think.

charliethom 0

Well that IS kinda scary... I mean you would be scared to if some random person was there and you didn't know! You should have screamed ???? you are israeli right

18, are you some sort of arab? Confide in me, I can relate.

#17 it never said the FML involved a little girl and anyways, it doesn't matter if it is harsh, it's not like he said: "Bumbling fat dickheads be insane like a fuckin' dolphin on crack" and that's not even as harsh as to other names thrown around the Internet.

charliethom 0

I'm not Arab and that is racist I said shalom but it got rid of it I was asking if he was in Israel and IM jewish

shanemaximo 7

Aren't you glad a cop didn't witness that? Then this FML would have had the word "taser" written in it at least once.

lol I know what you mean #1 In my experience all hot girls are crazy but not all crazy girls are hot.

juicystar777 4

she probably has a family member who's car is identical to yours and she thought it was theirs, so she climbed it.

EmilyShmemily496 0

So, OP, you just LET a random girl walk into your car? No questions asked? There's something wrong with everyone in this FML.

52, I don't know what slow motion version of reality you are living in, but most people actually wouldn't notice until the individual is IN their car, and even if by chance they do have a psychic connection and realise the person walking towards them is about to get in their car they couldn't do a damn thing about it. It would be interesting to see how you believe the OP could have prevented tell us, exactly how shall we go about preventing strangers entering our vehicles? It would help prevent many a car jacking I'm sure.

36 -You can't start a sentence with the word aren't because it would be like saying 'are not you glad'

Have your doors locked beforehand?

addiizcherry 0

Seems legit.

No shit Sherlock! God putting a bad name to blondes again! Jeez just stop commenting on stuff

62- You're an insult to all grammar nazi's...

Did the OP ever say he let the girl into his car? No, I don't think so...

She was probably trolling you as a prank, and took a video of your reaction!

muis545 21

No way, Sherlock

62 well you're a terrible grammar Nazi, you didn't even have a period at the end of your sentence and what 36 said was correct. Sometimes it is not supposed to be taken apart. Do not you like it when people prove you wrong? :)

62, if you're going to be a Grammar Nazi, at least know your grammar, idiot!

91, Very amusing :P

106 You should at least know how to spell enough and traumatized is how you spell it.

36 - correction "taser" would have been mentioned at least 3 times.

Bet she's a blonde.

Jakesterk96 8

62- when you use a contraction before a noun, you are supposed to break it up to "Are you not glad" instead of "Are not you glad.

obey_suprah 4

Your Hott and funny lol

I hope the cops didn't show up. Sorry, man.

OhDearBetrayal 25

He wouldn't be at fault for anything because it was a mistake. And I'm sure the girl screamed because of her mistake and not because she thought he was hiding and out to get her.

I just hacked into this account. What an idiot.

You trollin' downtime?

All's well that ends well

What a fucking idiot. If it were me, and luckily it wasn't, I'd run her down with my car.

Get that crazy ass some help

You Shouldve said. Hey. Then just drive off with her

Friend of mine did the same mistake (jumping into stranger's car). he and the driver stared each other for at least 10 seconds silently until my friend get out of the car. LFMAO...

Maybe she was trying to set you up. People these days...

Or maybe she saw the bleach, garbage bags and duct tape in the backseat...

Idonebeenhad 17

^ win

Well you WERE going to tell her. Hope you had a nice time with grandma!

He had good intentions, so FYL. also, I know I had a good time with his grandma. OOOOOOOOH!

Sure, until his grandma asks him what this photo is on her phone that his sister gave her. Then his issues just got a whole lot worse. Poor bastard.

Bad password.

ninjuh_wingman 29

Children are funny.

So2011 4

But they can be so aggravating sometimes.

I'm about to go dead space on everyone. DEMEEENTIAAAAAA!

I'm picturing this FML in my head, frikin hilarious

HolyPotato 9

I almost pissed myself.

Id also like to know

Clearly, HolyPotato was the girl who jumped in this man's car.

morgann4826 0

She probably just thought it was her own ride, and when she realized it wasn't, she just got surprised.

Yes that is an obvious reason why she got into OP's, I am pretty sure no one goes into a random person's car for thrills and pranks like that but if some people do... then look for yourself on YouTube or television in the near future OP.

no shit sherlock, thank you for stating the obvious...

cutiepie111 3

I'm sorry OP, but this is sooo funny!

How did she not notice when getting in the car

Texting... this century's new age old excuse.

mhopper 13

Most girls, myself included, can't tell the difference between cars with the exception of color lol

I thought the same thing 29