By ks0300 - 24/02/2010 05:47 - United States

Today, while visiting my in-laws, I went into their home office in search of a sheet of scrap paper. Instead, I found printed copies of every email and IM my husband and I had ever sent each other, including pictures. Highlighted and annotated by his mother. FML
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Metallica139 0

mother in law rearranged spells woman hitler. Coincidence? I think not.

whenpigletsflyy 0

stalker much?


Metallica139 0

mother in law rearranged spells woman hitler. Coincidence? I think not.

shit that's weirdd! run!!!

greeneyedgoalie7 0

haha wow how did you figure that out?

Everyone knows that

everyone clearly doesn't know that......

invasion of privicy

Pearljammer001 0

that is just effin creepy

it's common knowledge

garuru 4

it also spells lord voldermort haha

omg @55 made me rofl my ass off lool even tho it doesn't but that was classic man looool

1 is a win.

Itsmekenzie97 0

she's like a creeper/stalker haha... does she like love her son and wants to be the only one in his life or what? frickin creepy/creeper!!!!

droppintacos 0

lmfao @55

ravensunnyd 0

can you say stalker

Freaky... you just got to hate 90% of all in-laws... they are always trying to make thier don/daughter break up with his/her bf/gf/husband/wife.

gina1231 0

that's cool!! I never knew that... it's kinda creepy though...

becca235 0

did you really?

RacistPancake 6

But there's no "N"...

104, Mother iN law. ^ That's an n

starieberry 5

It doesn't, and it isn't voldermort. It's Voldemort.

whenpigletsflyy 0

stalker much?

Fo reals.. she needs a life of her own!

Run away!!!!!! That's just wrong

uhm yeah , whatta creep!

ringmybell_fml 0

wow, just wow. good luck with that...

lickmyjock 0

don't mess with texas

that's pretty screwed up

miniman332211 0

yaaa rly wired....

you need to talk to your in-laws...

gabirolon 1

no I think she needs to speak to her husband, the inlaw got it some how! she's creepy and he is a mamas boy! lol

kinda possesive to me

ringmybell_fml 0

good thinking, 99!

99 called and said you need to stop looking into their future. They are not sure how you got the password for their fate but its creepy. Please stop.

fmlwinnn 0

74- maybe she meant 9?

ummm... I think invasion of privacy is too light to describe this situation. Maybe total domination of anti-privacy? I agree with #1.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Mhm, I wonder how they got them, wouldn't they need complete control over the son's computer? I'm not a computer person but it seems that this would be hard to do without the son's help

I agree.. they need passwords for that.. no? unless they're hackers... >_>

Wouldn't be that difficult. Just a matter of knowing his password. My dad guessed my email password when I was in high school and read my emails.

they have "parent spy" programs. Meant for keeping an eye on minor children. If she just used his computer once she could have installed it....maybe?

It depends when it comes to ims. AIM saves it on the computer in a file that clearly visible for anyone to view. Yahoo im you'll need a password. But I think the hubby knew all about it. Perhaps for legal reasons encase a divorce was ever in order. Wtf is wrong with texan mothers and privacy? One day you have a mom digging in their child's garbage and the next you have in-laws with every im and email ever written to their child... I guess three type of people come from texas: steers queers and creepers.. Glad i'm to a Texan

Hey, don't call all Texan mother-in laws creepers. That's just wrong. Some are recovering drug addicts with a criminal record. Like mine.

Did she know you were going in there? if so, and the papers were in plain sight, you have every right to confront her. If you were snooping, YDI. Either way, you and hubby need to change your email passwords.

ThaggleS 0

Or just send emails about his mother (with him in on it) to make her feel weird... she can't confront you without telling you she was snooping herself.

She said she was searching for some paper. That's not snooping.

I'm just worried if they'd ever sent eachother nude picture if so hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaahahhaa sorry but you should already be screwed

coffee_addict7 0

Even if she was snooping, this would have already happened. She'd be in the wrong, but what her mother-in-law did would still be completely unjustified and undeserved.

just be thankful it wasn't your husband who printed all of that