By estranger - 03/01/2014 22:36 - United States

Today, while visiting my grandparents, my grandpa decided to explain to me the real reason that the old sofa I was sitting on had always been so discolored. He says they were bleach stains left while cleaning up the mess made during my father's conception. FML
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Hey be thankful it's clean. He could have just left the stains on there

I thought this was going in a different direction


Hey be thankful it's clean. He could have just left the stains on there

Or he could've got a new couch after all of those years

Why would you want to get rid that couch? Such fond memories!

I thought this was going in a different direction

That was the direction I thought it was going

\ 28

They must've reenacted the scene from 9 1/2 Yards

How old is that couch??? Damn lol

I don't believe what the grandpa said, I think he was just playing a joke on his grandson. Old people humour...

Granddaughter not grandson. :)

Are you kidding me?! That's disgusting! Everyone knows you use lemon juice to get out stains!

um I dont see the problem I guess he should of bought a new chair though

Wouldn't mind sitting in stains of your dad's contraception, hm?

#8 huge difference between conception and contraception! get your words right!

Oh shit, autocorrect! Sorry guys!

nice save...nice save....*shakes head of approval*

At least he was honest!

I don't know, I feel like OP could've gone about the rest of his life without knowing that.

You may want to invest in some bleach for the stains that memory leaves on your brain, OP. Ouch!

Something tells me bleach on the brain could go wrong

what are you talking about? brain bleach is very helpful? just pour some on and your unsightly memories will disappear forever! ... and maybe your consciousness as well, but whatever.

At least they cleaned it?

That's fucking disgusting. Ugh, go out drinking and try to forget he ever said that.

Olpally please try to remember this advice next time you make love on the couch. You never have? You haven't lived!

Well I mean if you're making such a mess that you have to use bleach to clean it up, you might have a problem.

Some things are better left unsaid.