By barface - 11/01/2012 02:52 - United States

Today, while very sick, throwing up in a bucket beside my bed, my dad came in pushed my face into the bucket. For a laugh apparently. FML
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Wtf is his problem? OP that's more than screwed up! I hope you two had a chat or a flung bucket to straighten it out.

may have to check, but he might be a fan of buckethead


Wtf is his problem? OP that's more than screwed up! I hope you two had a chat or a flung bucket to straighten it out.

Putting you face in the bucket is gross but the idea is kind of funny.

OneNightStan 2

Sticking a condom up your friends ass, while he's passed out, is gross but kind of funny.

FYL! Give him a taste of his own medicine! You're already puking the living hell and your dad is being an ass... That's gross too:/ I would have puked even more ...:/ Some parents really need to grow up and stop acting stupid and immature...

thejewishfuhrer 17

If I was the op, I wouldn't clean the bucket and then pour it on the dad when he was sleeping. Cause I'm not a b*tch

mstangchck 9

27: Where did you get that from? 0.o

Just throw the vomit filled bucket on his dumbass face and see how ^he likes it

How one gets a condom in someone's asshole without waking them up is beyond me. Imagine the implications... I think I'm going to throw up in a bucket now ._.

The bucket… was in ur hands. Didja use it to get revenge? ;D

jarednt39 5

Here's the facts - 27 is the dad and was the one that got the condom in the rectum and took it out on his son.

Clamcreepy 7

I would flung that shit at the back of his head as he was walking out then laugh Ana say " now that's funny"

You know this could be considered physical abuse.

xxkimmyt 9

Woah, that is nasty! FYL

markrs 0

...I can just imagine OP's father saying, "Time for some hot soup!" *shudders*

SecretMe00 5

Extremely disgusting! Hate to admit it, but I can see my dad doing the same thing to me! Humor now-a-days is very odd.

lolmonster34 0

Go give him a big ol' kiss then ;)

labudamike 6

*Cleveland voice*

He clearly did it for the lulz

Hmmm what gives you that idea?

Michael_92 20

I would have thrown whatever was left on him and left.

Jakesterk96 8

I laughed.

may have to check, but he might be a fan of buckethead

lrgenesis 19

Get better soon op:)

perdix 29

What did your cat do?

Good reference.

GoW_Chick 14

Well since it was sleeping in the bucket I bet it clawed the hell out of OP's face, poor kitty can't catch a break.

That had to be one big or full bucket. But that sucks OP. next time your dads sick do it I him to get even!

braddah112233 1

Now thats FUNNY!!!!!

Even funnier when I do it to you!

grovervac3000 15

oh my god that is SO MESSED UP! how can you think thats funny! think about what you would do!

The joke is on him. Guess where that bucket is going when op fell better.

This isn't a dating website.

RedPillSucks 31

Yeah BatteryAddict, put a shirt on and stop showing off those abs (you're so gorgeous!) And xxHodgieLuvs1Dxx, cover up those boobs. This isn't Hooters! (oh! you're fine!)

lol im srry dats funny shyt...but u definitely did not deserve dat...or did u..either way lmaooo dat shyts funny

Your comment frightens me. :(

Airman1988 9

Reading your comment dropped my IQ a few points, do you type comments like that because you think it's cool or because your an idiot?

Ok lets see we got I'm** sorry** that** shits** your welcome retard. :)

Ah fuck lol you're**

lrgenesis 19


You're just fked up.

that's actually amazing. so many mistakes in one post. i can spell better drunk.... :/

desireev 17

I now feel dumber reading this comment.. Thanks alot..

Are you old enough to be on here? Your momma just called you to dinner..... Run along now....! It's okay everyone ..... I think he left.

Don't worry you guys, I'll use my retard translator. "Laugh out loud, I'm sorry that's funny shit... But you defiantly did not deserve that... Or did you... Either way, laugh my ass off that shit's funny." There. That's better.

87 you spelled definitely wrong.