By Anonymous - 25/04/2016 05:38 - United Kingdom - Telford

Today, while trying to open the packaging to my new headphones, I got startled by my cat suddenly meowing and cut through the headphone wire. FML
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Guess you could say it was a catastrophe.

How do you get startled by a cat meowing?


How do you get startled by a cat meowing?

My cat, Raven, is in heat at the moment. Her meows are both startling and disturbing.

You can be startled by pretty much anything if you're concentrating hard enough and aren't paying attention to anything else around you. I've managed to startle myself while doing something so it's possible even if you do feel like a complete idiot.

I'm startled extremely easily. If it's really quiet and I'm closing a door, even if I know the volume at which the door will shut and exactly when it will shut I'll still get startled when it shuts.

#1 Cats. Are. Ninjas. Nuff said.

Guess you could say it was a catastrophe.

Someday I'll figure out the algorithm for what puns are allowed

TWayne95 13

Trying to picture the situation...I don't see how a cats meow can startle you enough to jerk the knife that bad. But maybe it's just an obnoxious evil cat that likes to prank you like that.

Maybe op doesn't have a cat. I know I'd be startled if I heard a cat meow in my flat...

sempisaviour 17

21, OP did state "my cat."

Good thing you didn't kill your hat.

How can a cat startle you to the point of breaking your headphone's wire?

cats are jerks. hope the headphones weren't too expensive, that would suck.

Just solder the wires back

that could fuse the wires that are supposed to be separate for a reason: so they work. sorry about your headphones being ruined tho op.

This is why dogs are better than cats.

Yeah, because dogs definitely aren't louder than cats, and the sounds they make aren't more startling than the sounds cats make. T_T

would you rather have a dog barking as you are trying to sleep, or a cat meowing while you are trying to sleep...

Was this after your girlfriend dumped you because you bought the cat for her?

Why are ao so close to your new headphones with the blade to begin with? Even the ridiculous safety plastic, one you cut in you can just tear it.