By pinkpurplegurl - China
Today, while taking the subway home, a woman offered me her seat. I smiled and declined. She said she insisted because of my "pregnancy". I was too ashamed to say I'm not pregnant that I just took the seat. FML
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  Rowdy290  |  8

here's a thought maybe they were just trying to be nice and it isn't our fault if you carry your weight in the "wrong" places. it may not even be her fault, I guess what I'm saying is don't be so testy.

  lexos  |  16

Not really, what if she really is pregnant and could use some rest? You can never win in todays society no matter what you someone will be offended.

  riffehunter  |  16

30 that's actually totally normal in some places, my aunt was down in Brazil and she said that where ever she went there were people touching her belly or blessing her health. I've heard similar stories before in other Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries.


Yes, it creepy and rude but people do it. All the while giving unasked for advice. When someone Buddha rubs my belly and ask when I'm due, I answer and rub theirs back and ask them the same.

By  pygmyfrog  |  31

You got a seat in an obviously crowded situation AND made the other person feel pious. They deserved to lose their seat from making assumptions - even if well-intentioned.