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  trollcrusher  |  17

Look at it this way: If OP wants to look a certain way, she can wear makeup. Either way, she'll still be a nice and pleasant person inside, I'm sure.

That girl, on the other hand... no amount of makeup will change her crappy excuse for a personality.

Chin up, OP. You win either way, as long as you don't take that jerk's words to heart.

By  OptimusSlime  |  23

I wouldnt listen to the opinion of one ignorant idiot. What matters is what you think, everyone else is irrelevant. Also whether or not you use make up is your choice, and women should not be pressured to wear make up. Its stupid.

By  am1717  |  22

Should've said yeah but considering your face, YOUR the one who doesn't know about it.

But in actuality, it's what's inside that counts

Yes it's a cliche but...

By  saffy66  |  34

Isn't it the worst, when some ignorant arrogant mutt says something rude and you can't instantly fire back a witty retort? Don't let her comment get to you OP - she's not worth taking notice of.