By JustSomeGuy / Tuesday 30 July 2013 03:43 / United States - Bulverde
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  jsp16  |  24

Yea because he was thinking of god almighty while givin'-er.

Don't judge me because I used a lower case "g" in god's name.

  asherm  |  15

Did he jump in shower after to wash off the "sin" of having sex? He's going to confession on Sunday- how many "hail marys" for that? I can see some poor shmo of a virgin thanking god for getting some, but actually he should be thanking you, and of course treating you amazing.

  ABByLeeVashe  |  17

#46, I will judge your comment because it’s grammatically incorrect. You capitalize the “G” in “God” because it’s a proper noun, there is no correlation with your believes. It’s like how you would capitalize “Zeus” or “Allah” (Yay, second grade English lesson!). Second, being abstinent myself, I find some of the comments to be appalling. A man or women should have the right to choose to wait without being judged, just like how others should have the right to have sex before marriage without being judged. I would rather be a 40-year-old virgin than a whore. Don’t Judge me because I’m abstinent. OP, I’m not scolding you, but don’t you think you should know someone’s sexual preferences before you sleep with them?

  Nyx_fml  |  23

Oh, Abby, you're hilarious! The way you say that people should have the right to have sex before marriage without being judged and then you say that you would rather be a 40-year-old virgin than a whore is just priceless. Anyone reading that would actually think you are close-minded enough to think those are the only two possibilities. Well done!

  RedPillSucks  |  31

@57 you do know that it's not just Christians that believe in God, right?
Don't knock people just because they believe in God and you might not.
He's going through at least a double or triple dilemma.
Sex before marriage, possible sodemy and homosexuality.
Have some compassion.

  UnoriGal  |  17

Am I wrong in thinking OP is a man (based on his/her username)? And if so, this would not be just about premarital sex, but more of a matter of the boyfriend accepting his sexuality. And if I'm correct, then OP and his/her boyfriend need to do some talking.

But again, I could be wrong. It just sounds like OP is calling himself(?) "JustSomeGuy" so...

  UnoriGal  |  17

HAHA wow I can't believe I missed that. When other people make that mistake, I usually wonder why they do it. I guess it was because I jumped down to the comments, everyone was calling OP a she, and so I was distracted by the username? Anyways, at least now my doubts have been cleared, thanks for pointing out the blatantly obvious detail I missed (:

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Maybe he felt guilty that he was enjoying it.
Was he exclaiming "Oh God" out of pleasure and praying/crying in joy
or was it one of those "How am I going to explain this to my Rabbi/Imam/Priest/Mother?"

By  iAlissa  |  34

Doesn't matter, had sex.

By  Queensland  |  27

Damn, cock blocked by God.
Don't worry OP you'll look back at this and laugh.

  ottokat  |  15

Haha, oh boyfriend, do you remember when your first time having sex was awful and triggered a breakdown and left you feeling horribly guilty? Those were the days...

By  abhi95  |  31

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