By faaail - 24/03/2015 16:51 - Ireland - Cork

Today, while studying for a big test at the library, some idiots started playing hide-and-seek. After putting up with their snorting and giggling for nearly an hour, I finally lost my shit and told them to knock it off. I then got kicked out for causing a disturbance. FML
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You should have asked to librarian to tell them to knock it off.

what kind of morons play hide-and-seek in a library?


Are you sure they weren't recording? Sounds like a YouTube prank

You should have asked to librarian to tell them to knock it off.

They should know better! Find a quiet area to study if you can. Ignore those people.

#5 I thought OP chose the library because he wanted someplace quiet.

Op got kicked finding another quiet area will make more sense if Op really needs to study.

what kind of morons play hide-and-seek in a library?

Apparently not, if anyone could hear their snorting and giggling.

^ Maybe that was only a distraction. The REAL ninjas were lying in wait, silent and watchful.

they were ninjas in training.. thats why op could see them

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Never take matters like this into your hands, it almost always backfires. Go to someone who can actually do something about it.

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Hide and Seek in a library? I'm sorry, but that sounds like a lot of fun.

literally who the **** uses a library for everyone.

People who're either too poor to buy the books, or have no privacy at home and therefore do not get a chance to study in some calm there.

I work at a library and people come in for many different reasons. We have private study rooms that are usually used for tutoring and we have educational (plus some that are just for fun) games for kids. I would also like to add that borrowing books from a library doesn't mean you're poor as #20 stated.

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Have you any idea how much it would cost to buy the books needed for a university course, instead of going to the library?

I use the library. ALL THE TIME. I have WiFi at home and can afford books and live alone. Our local library is just fantastic, I get a feeling of serenity every time I'm there, it's so relaxing. I know all the librarians, seeing as I'm there so often, and it's beautiful old building with a wonderful reading room filled with old books on local history you can't borrow; I read those in the reading room. Some people hang out at Starbucks, booklovers like me prefer their local library.

My library has study courses, a JP, a weekly children's reading group...... All kinds of things. I like taking my 5 year old to read up on her particular interests of the moment

Well a lot of people us the library to get some work done if they're between classes or its their off period. It could also be a study hall. A lot of people use the library.

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Perhaps you should have done something about it before you reached the point of yelling.