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By  Acousticpixie14  |  6

Not only is that atrocious parenting, but you should've said something

"The customer is always right" only goes so far. When they're wreaking havoc in the store, you absolutely can tell them to knock it off or leave.

  DocBastard  |  38

I'm pro-my kid, but then again she's polite and respectful, and she knows that Mrs. Bastard and I won't tolerate this kind of nonsense. Kids with no discipline are like wild dogs: they are destructive and crazy, but they can be tought to act nicely with a little discipline.

Did your parents ever tell you (like mine told me) that when you act out in public, other parents look at you and think, "What awful parents!" It's true. We do.

  Keyman1212  |  14

Those aluminum/tin cans really pack a wallop to the back of a human's skull. I can attest to that, my mother used beat me with a jumbo can of pinto beans.... Built character she said...

  CoconutMuffin  |  5

Because a kid knocks over crap, he is automaticly serial-killer elligible?
Does that mean every single grown person on earth is a serial-killer?
Guess I never got the memo?