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By  blueangels7901  |  0

Geez, Number 5, are you truly that naive? Yes, COMPLETE idiots exist in male form, it's the Y chromosome doing the thinking. I certainly hope Wolf dumped that loser. Sometimes a person is better off single than in a relationship with a half-wit.

By  karina_fml  |  0

WOW!!! You should break-up wit him...then beat the SHIT outta that "friend" of his...honestly if he thinks your not good enough y the FUCK is he with you...Hes a prick and doesn't deserve you ( in my opinion)

By  ColdChoas  |  2

What if he just got reminded of something that happened to him and one of his friends? Does he have to only ever think about you because you're a selfish prick? Here's an idea: The world doesn't revolve around you. GSAD.

By  that_suuuucks  |  0

i could believe it. my guy friends say shit like that to each other, (as in, to my other guy friends) all the damn time, to be funny. then we all have a good laugh and it's done. don't assume the wrost; assuming makes an ass out of you.