By weirdedout - 24/05/2010 15:14 - United States

Today, while sitting at a red light, my mother asks "Do you have any intimacy questions?" FML
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Mom? do you ever feel not so fresh... you know.... down there.


Who cares, I talk about sex all the time with my parents...

randomdude1234 0

Mom? do you ever feel not so fresh... you know.... down there.

yes when i get gangbaned and double pumped it doesnt close down there and i cant feel pee, haha that would render me speechless

littlemissdqgirl 8

She just wants to be there for you op. Be happy your mom cares about you.

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Haha #10, a sure win

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I would have randomly saw something and pretended to be fascinated by it and hope for the best.

nothing wrong with that. at least she cares.

At least she cares. My mom never talks about it, but gets upset when she finds out what things I have done.

nobody gave # 5 any credit, but I think he is the winner

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that's good that your mom cares... at least you know you can talk to her

what up roho i saw ur bfs truck on utube i'm jealous what a sweet ride!!!!

rohosoccer08 1

husband lol... but yeah which video did you see?

the one where he is doing doughnuts crazy!!!!

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She's just being a good mother. I mean it's not like she did it in front of your friends or anything, like that episode if Family Guy where Lois becomes a sex ed teacher for Meg's class. That was a great episode. One of my favorite shows. I don't like South Park though, I mean it has it's moments but it's one of those shows where the writers try too hard to be funny. Seth Mcfarlane does a food job with Family Guy though. Some episodes aren't like, ridiculously funny, but it has a bit of a storyline to it unlike those crappy TLC reality shows. Did you guys hear Kate Gosselin is getting her show back? "Kate Plus 8." Just doesn't have the same ring to it as "John and Kate Plus 8" (no pun intended). But jeez TLC has a curse, I swear. After the Gosselins got divorced that couple from Little People Big World started having issues. I think they're going to split next. And then the couple from 18 Kids and Counting. I mean they seem like they love each other too much but after a while that chick's body just has to be wrecked beyond belief. If I were the guy I'd get sick of it. I bet you the next baby is going to come out black. Then what would they call the show? I don't even know what they call it now I'm pretty sure they had a 19th kid recently and it was like 3 months premature. I would see that as a sign to stop having kids. It's like a creative way to tell her husband to keep it in his pants. But watch eventually every TLC couple is going to get divorced eventually. I call it. So yeah, uhh... suck on that

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#35 u made me sad... sorry ur mum ain't helpful I can imagine how u feel but don't do stupid things to get back at her ur only hurting ur self!!!! If u do need any one to talk to I'll be happy to:)

dude WTF does that has to do with anything

rohosoccer08 1

haha yeah I think that's the video u can see me in I'm sitting in the bed of the truck that he drives past and you see me jump in the truck

53 I kinda lost what the point of that was supposed to be

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the mon was probably stressing how to bring it up. parenthood is scary

^^ ur long comment was so gay.. stop trying to be funny by putting up random crap u just make urself look like u have no life cus u talked about Kate pluss 8 and TLC ur a duche!

soooooo you... didn't like it? crap. I just live to please online pussy shit talkers that don't know how to spell, and it's so disappointing when somebody doesn't like me. ohh wait this is a long comment too... sorry am I pissing you off even more? change your tampon and get over it btw that's a cute picture, did your boyfriend take it?

I have random talks like this with my mom all the time. I guess you guys just don't have enough trust. :

I'm ready to go right now I'm ready to go right now Turn on the green light... I'm ready to go right now Stopped for  in .    about . She freakes out goes  craxy and   who takes a  straight to Hell to  with the , while  becomes  of Heaven with the . FML (**** Minotaur's life)

66 if u want to get into making fun of pics u look more like a chick than most of the girls on here with ur bleached blond hair and ur bright blue eyes! and I didn't say u have to please everyone on here what I was saying is if ur going to comment put something up that has something to do with the topic or have you not learned that in school yet?

uuuh yeah sorry my school doesn't teach proper commenting on fml I'm not sure wtf kind of school you go to

Mattman is such a winner-I wish I was as cool as him. ^.^

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It's funny because mattman is like a 12 year old skater ****** trying to have these stupid ass rants which no one cares about and then starts trolling gay guys. Matt it was an epic fail when you mentioned TLC

look mat il spell it out for u since u can figure it out for ur self... I was talking about staying on topic not commenting on fml but if there was a school for commenting fml you would need to be put in it. but I'm done with commenting on this page cus I hate people that make fml into a chat room so u can try and come back at me with another gay come back but Im not going to read it so go ahead And do it cus i can take it. I had fun putting u in your place thanks for the good time oh and yell it mom I said hi.

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35. my mom thinks I'm still a virgin and won't talk about sex. I'm 22, a Marine for 4 years with a combat tour and an active volunteer firefighter. would you think I'm a virgin? I guess parents feel differently about what they choose to talk about

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#53- my life is complete now thanks to you. I saw a grammar nazi symbol.

Yeah, #53 you put food instead of good. Ace grammatical facism.

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d-d-do u ever feel dirty... like...down...there?

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hmmmm I wonder if his mom is a milf (ō_ō)

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yes. thank you mister obvious

lol these ppl r funny, u should have messed around w/ her. :))

I know those situations are awkward, but you should be grateful your mum wants to be there for you, and was subtle about it. I hardly think 'i have an open and caring mother' counts as an FML.

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How is this remotely a FML? Be happy she's ready and able to discuss things with you. ALL parents should be that open. Now go tell her about giving your first *******.

#11 Agreed! At least OP has a mom who wants you to be responsible. My mom's version of a sex talk was her saying "Don't do it until you're married!"

FYLDeep 25

Were you in the red light district?

perdix 29

You should have asked her if she can go balls deep on Daddy. Ask her if she still considers you a virgin if you've only done oral and anal. The questions will stop,

"Mom, what's the best way to loosen up my anus before I put in the butt plug?"

Not necasarily. Some parents aren't offended by stuff like that.

perdix 29

You may be right, x_hello_there_x, but I can't imagine too many parents that will field questions about felching, the Blue Waffle or Dirty Sanchezes without losing it.

RedPillSucks 31

Yeah. That would be awfully embarrassing if she answered either of those questions. Worse if she showed you!!! =:-o

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Or it could lead to an even more awkward conversation.

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haha yah, im not allowed to even date untill im 30. Yah! 12 more years to go! :P