By Hooperist - 25/05/2015 11:39 - United States - Murrieta

Today, while sick with the flu, I had the police called on me by my older neighbors downstairs. They thought I was hosting a party at 3 in the morning. I was really just throwing up constantly. FML
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To be fair, there IS constant throwing up at a lot of parties

That sucks . I hope you get to feeling better !


That sucks . I hope you get to feeling better !

I wanna know what kind of parties they had back in the day if that sounded like one

Obviously the best ones.

My dad told me about a party he went to as a teenager called a "white wash" everyone brings a bottle of white spirits and empties it into the washing machine along with equal amounts of lemonade and let it spin...... I'd imagine there was a lot of vomiting at the end of the night too

To be fair, there IS constant throwing up at a lot of parties

Yeah, we need to stop inviting that bitch who wears shorts that are way too tight for her figure.

what does clothing have to do with constant throwing up?

I'm pretty sure a fat chick squeezing into a pair of shorts too tight for her might introduce the potential of a vomit-filled evening.

Nobody wants to see an obese girl's fat folds cascade out from underneath some very ill-fitting denim. It's vomit inducing. I was trying to be polite in how I said "THIS IS A FAT JOKE", but I guess it didn't land.

Maybe explaining what happened? Really sorry! :(

What kind of party sounds like someone throwing up.

the party in my pants...

Are you fucking serious?

Some "party" you must be having. How was the sound of you retching misconstrued into the idea of a party?

Were you possibly playing music to try and cover up the barfy noises?

Either those walls are paper thin or you were very loud.

Your neighbors kind of suck regardless . Why not come knock on the door and ask nicely what's going on or if you could keep the noise down , and in this case if you'll survive through the night.

Well,up hers then