By AshleyP - 04/04/2014 14:17 - United Kingdom

Today, while showering, I pulled on my white exfoliating gloves ready to wash my face. As I was about to use them, a dark stain caught my eye so I sniffed the mark only to discover it was poo. After further investigation, I find out my younger sister had been wearing them and 'experimenting'. FML
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Nah, she wasn't experimenting. Do you realize how hard it is to exfoliate your anus without proper exfoliating gloves? It's difficult. Pro-tip: Never use steel-wool.

At least you discovered this before you put them on your face, right?


what was she experimenting with exfoliating gloves and her anus?

My guess is anal. Unfortunately a lot of ppl stick things up their butt that they shouldnt.

Nothing wrong with that other than messing around with someone else's stuff.

Well at least it wasn't something Worse, like the toilet plunger.... Yikes

she was pleasuring herself

but why wouldn't she at least wash them after she was done?

And why would she poop on them??

There's poop in her butt already.

Exactly why that's an exit only. :x

TordNorski 30

Wrong hole!

Uh, no. Everyone knows that you're supposed to stick it in your eye sockets. Geez.

I thought it was the ears?!

ViviMage 38

Nope, those are qtips!!

Guys, you clearly got it all wrong. It's supposed to be up the nose! Get it right!

That is absolutely vile.

I agree what an asshole move.

Just buy your own damn gloves sheesh the nerve.

Nah, she wasn't experimenting. Do you realize how hard it is to exfoliate your anus without proper exfoliating gloves? It's difficult. Pro-tip: Never use steel-wool.

Is that pro-tip from personal experience?

steel wool is to get ink off of your nuts, fez

At least you discovered this before you put them on your face, right?

What if she's been experimenting with them for a long time, but this is the first time she's gotten her feces on it?

Well, that would be more than horrible..

What if she had been experimenting prior to her seeing the skid marks??? She just forgot to clean them good this time

Clean up on aisle 1!

Aisle #2 actually...

When the last time you fucked a clitoris?

From top to bottom I see it as the third option too.

I think people are missing the reference to "#2"

33 just stop talking.

33s actually correct in everything she said...the thumbs downs are coming from the people uneducated about the human anatomy.

I love how the comment saying Noor is right got upvoted but Noor's comments are still buried. Gotta love the FML community.

I would hide them from her...

Or burn them - buy a new pair you hide from her.

Plot twist, OP's sister was trying to hide it from OP.

29, Why wouldn't you want to hide the fact that you were using someone else's belongings to pleasure yourself...

#8 that's a better plan and put them in a place she will never find them

Did you just reply to your own comment to agree with yourself?

No actually I commented to agree with #8 saying that burning it was a better idea then to just hide it

Oh whoops sorry I ment #12... Crap...

Don't hide them, rub some jalapeño pepper on them and put them back where you usually put them.

That does literally stink!!!

That's the joke.

I would have a talk with her about using other people's things without their permission. Especially if said use involves the nether regions.

Sometimes this doesn't work. I have talked to my younger sister about her using my stuff without my permission, and most of the time she doesn't care or listen. She also has this wonderful habit of never returning my belongings and losing them. If OPs sister is like mine, the best thing to do is to hide or lock up your stuff.

But does she use your things to pleasure herself? If OP's sister has any moral conscious, she'd be ashamed at being caught and reconsider her actions. If that doesn't work, (assuming the two live at home) I'd get a parent involved. Everyone deserves to feel they and their belongings are safe at home.

"mo-om, Becky is using my stuff to pleasure herself again...!!"

No, my sister doesn't. You have a point, if OPs sister has a moral conscious then hopefully she stops immediately, and if she doesn't then let's hope that OPs parents can talk some sense into her sister. I'm just coming from my own personal experiences. I am in the situation where my parents are broken records; they tell her not to do things, and if she does it anyway they just keep repeating not to do it without taking any disciplinary measures.

I understand where you're coming from. My boyfriend has three siblings that are all the exact same way. Unfortunately my advice pretty much runs out if getting the parents involved doesn't work, but best of luck to you! You won't have to live with her forever :)

Grumpy Jack 25

Jalapeño sounds good. Otherwise, a big slap in her face with said poop-stained glove.

Time to keep your new gloves locked up. And any hair brushes and mirrors and tooth brushes... oh crap hide it all quick!

OP's sister was already trying to hide them.