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I still call it duck tape because I use it to tape the mouths of quacking idiots like that guy. What a bird brain.

You should have popped that douche in his mouth . Any guy that talks like that deserves an ass whooping.


Middle aged, actually

Still old man. You know how people refer to their dad's as "my old man"?

Isn't that how they refer to their spouse not dad?

I've only ever heard of it used for dads.

Ok, that's defiantly not a reference for the male spouse... "The Old Man" is referring to ones father while "My Old Lady" is for ones girlfriend/honey/lover, oddly enough...

Really, who says that to a kid?

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I wouldn't have taken her home just yet. I would let her bawl in the old mans ears for a little longer, then taken her for an ice cream treat.

Crazy people?

I still call it duck tape because I use it to tape the mouths of quacking idiots like that guy. What a bird brain.

Yeah... that's when you're supposed to beat the sh** out of him, mom.

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That's quite an insult for the birds. He's wayyyy far more than that. Nasty middle age bastard ??

IF that guy survived and I do mean if he survived he would have wished otherwise.

for the record, there is a brand of duct tape called duck tape

Your response made my day

Some companies have even picked up on that common pronunciation and market their tapes with little duckies on the packaging... That guy needs to chill and watch his language in front of children especially!

188- You are correct, sir.

Fyi there is a brand of duct tape called Duck Tape. And OP, please tell me where you live so I can track this old man down and kick the rest of his teeth in.

You should have popped that douche in his mouth . Any guy that talks like that deserves an ass whooping.

I know right!! Especially to a little child! No child should ever be talked to like that.

Hell, when I was a kid I called it duck tape! I'm sure every kid does!

I still do and I've being working construction side jobs besides my other job. Duck tape always quacks me up.

53, I'm 30 and say those two words so quickly that you can't really tell if I've said "duck tape" or "duct tape." I'm sure I'm not the only one for whom they're kind of indistinguishable.

74, that's what I was thinking... Usually you can't even tell the difference. Which is why most kids end up thinking it is called "duck" tape; that's what it sounds like. Unless you say it really slowly and enunciate really clearly. But who has time for that?

My fist would have found his face so fast. He would need "duct tape" to hold it together. No one would ever talk to my daughter that way, calling a 6 year old a cunt. Grow the hell up.

That would be assault, but that douche definitely deserved a good shouting at and possibly a smack

The guy deserves a swift kick in pelvic area then he can be a dumb cunt.

He would be lucky if assulting him was all I did. Very lucky.

# 130. Yelling is assault, while slapping him or punching the asshole is battery. Plus I'll tell you right now , if anyone talked to my 6 year old daughter like that, I would be standing in front of a federal judge. I look good in blue and orange anyhow.

53&74 Exactly! I thought it was called Duck Tape until I read on the package that it was actually called Duct Tape. By that time I was way older than 6, probably at least 10, because before that age I didn't know how English pronounciation works. And when pronounced fast you can't really hear the difference. I usually say it as one word: "ductape".

Anybody' male, female, or mayonnaise. Let's end the inequality people.

I'd have definitely hurt the guy. In a heart beat. Besides that, the name brand of the stuff IS Duck Tape, complete with a duck logo. No one gets upset when you say Kleenex instead of facial tissue. As far as I'm concerned, both duck and duct is right. OP should have beaten him with a roll of name brand Duck Tape. A big one.

I'm pretty sure a lot of children call it 'duck tape' there's really no "right" way to say it. Especially since her daughter is only 6, makes the guy even more like an asshole. You don't say that to anyone. Like anyone. Whether they're 30 or 6, thats not right

Bigfabthetruth52 22

it's not even that serious honestly

at Wal-Mart, they do sell it and it's called duck tape

Duck brand duct tape

Plus if you say duck and tape together it sounds almost exactly like duct tape anyway. And vice versa. It's one of the few words that you can say wrong and still sound like you said it right.

No, it's still called duct tape, but Duck Tape is a specific brand thereof. I doubt they were shopping for any that specifically though. None of this excuses that stupid POS' behavior, though.

"Duck tape" is a brand of duct tape, so long as he's pointing out ignorance. What an ass.

RIGHT??? I'd have screamed that fact at that guy, made him look like a moron to everyone around, and bitched him out for disrespecting my daughter. I might have even slapped the guy if I was feeling froggy enough. Ooooooh, my blood is boiling and I don't even know OP or her daughter.

There is a fashion brand called duck tape

Duck tape is actually a brand that sells duct tape, meaning the old man is an idiot AND an asshole

I would have got the manager and told them he wouldn't be allowed back in or had to apologize

This doesnt seem realistic. if it were my kid it would be a life lesson on how to deal with people like that.

I was thinking the same thing #8.

It's a shame you couldn't use the "DUCT" tape to shut that jerk up!

It's both, depending on the brand

Some people can be so rude because their lives are shit so they take it out on others! Its an awful situation but you can turn it into a lesson for your daughter and tell her how you should always be polite to others and not mean to random people because of your own sorrow. sorry that happened op!

Agreed! Totally use this as a teaching opportunity.