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  MissMittens  |  0

Today, while searching for the pungent odor that has been lingering in my son's bedroom, I discovered the "special,secret place" that my 3 year old daughter had pooped. FML

  Sirin_fml  |  46

Yes means you think we should publish it, and No means you think it's shit. If I may be so bold, I strongly recommend voting No on sirEBC's FMLs whenever you see them.

  KaySL  |  24

Some racist fuckface told me SirEBC wasn't born in the USA, so he can't legitimately become the first inbred jackass to have his FML elected. Of course, being the gullible fool I am, I believe them. So vote no on SirEBC, or the terrorists win.

  nhlnba2  |  6

126 I don't vote, but if I did I'd probably just say yes to yours. Ignore the haters! Lol the first comment I ever made got moderated so I know how you feel.