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#1 more like, "I want the first comment so bad. Let me stay on this website for hours and wait until an FML shows up so I can achieve this (pointless) goal." Congrats bro. I'm clapping

  iAlissa  |  34

#1 can't have an opinion I suppose, because everything on FML has to be witty and well-thought-out. Especially the first comment.
God forbid he should think it's actually gross.

  Treveyon56  |  14

I never understand why people believe the first comment just can't be one word. I mean I could get it if he just put first, but what's wrong with saying he finds it gross?

  Cbn42  |  3

If it goes through 7 people, then that means, that the other 7 had 7 other people's water. So it goes through 49 people, but then the other 42 people had 7 other people's water go through them…