By Anonymous - 12/12/2012 15:05 - United States - Fishers

Today, while picking up a birthday cake, I was screamed at by an upset woman for getting special attention from the bakers, and that I was nothing more than an attention-hogging slut. The bakers are my co-workers and I was picking my cake up on my day off. FML
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iBiteRoses 22

Wow, what the hell is wrong with people these days?!

Well I am sure you and your co-workers had a good laugh at her expense, she is the one who looked stupid after all--not you. Though it is not nice to be called a slut.


iBiteRoses 22

Wow, what the hell is wrong with people these days?!

kikiwi_fml 9

As a server I ask that question every shift.

Girreth 7

Technically, it's better customer service to interrupt your conversation with co-workers if a customer approaches, unless you are all on break or not on shift. I agree that the woman was completely rude, though.

Just_STFU_Please 13

You should have just smirked and giggled at her just so you could get her fuming more. Then tell her that it's your day off. Or you could just follow my name and that's what you could have told her.

MrClean17 15

18 if OP bought a cake on her day off she's a customer too

RedPillSucks 31

True, but if she was carrying on an involved conversation with the staff while other customers waited, I can see why the customer might have been upset. The customer just chose to handle it badly.

OHai15 12

Today, while at a bakery I spazzed on some guy who got special attention while I've been waiting in line for minutes. He works there. FML

Technically since it was her day off, and she bought a birthday cake, she WAS a customer

Sometimes a bitch slap can be helpful

Shadow_Phantom 26

Hopefully she was just having a bad day, and doesn't act like that 24/7. =_= FYL.

I've seen that before in a bakery. A woman came in to order a loaf they make there and got the money out to be told the price had gone up by 20p. She shouted at the staff for a good 5 minutes saying this was no way such a loyal customer to be treated! Poor lady behind the counter had to explain four times that she only does Saturdays and doesn't decide the prices....

Some people overreact far too much. My mother sent me to a store once to get some delicious garlic bread and when I went in I found that the price for a loaf had gone up 50 cents. I didn't freak out. Instead, I went to my car and dug around for quarters to pay the difference. There are good ways to handle things and there are bad ways. In your case, that woman handled it very badly.

Well I am sure you and your co-workers had a good laugh at her expense, she is the one who looked stupid after all--not you. Though it is not nice to be called a slut.

True that. I've actually noticed a few more stressed people than usual lately though. Tiz da season to be cranky... Xmas can be bloody hard for lots of people.

Where my brother works, no matter if he's on duty or not, he has to keep letting customers in front of him.

Maybe she preordered it and the lady was upset because it was ready before hers

If he isn't on duty then he IS a customer

Walk by the lady and "trip" claim she tripped you.. have her kicked out and get a new cake..

OHai15 12

I'm sorry, but who gives a fuck?

36- see, that's the thing. The workplace is ridiculous.

If my workplace made me let other people in front of me even when I was a customer, I don't think I'd shop there too much...

But OP never said that. Just said she was picking up a cake. Who cares if she chats with the staff, especially if they work together. Idk about you, but where I'm from it's actually considered impolite to not talk to the staff

Cakerage! Wow!

It shows more about her then it does you. Some women can be like that.

The cake was a lie, anyway

tmmundy 17


Portal reference

Corrupt_waffles 13

You made my day~

Life_sucks_13 6


I've heard of bitchy customers, but this just takes the cake. Maybe when she said "Fruity Tart!" she was just talking about your cake.

Sounds like she was just baking a big deal out of muffin', we can't let flour emotions get to us or we'll be iced by society.

BradTheBrony 19

Yeah, what a real bitch! She batter apologise! please leave my spine intact

I think this lady needs to get baked so she can cool down. Or maybe she was moody because she had a bun in the oven, and it was too soon for it to be noticeable? Either way, that was un-egg-ceptable behavior.


27- Was that pun intentional? If so, nice. Very subtle.

Sounds like someone needs a cake to the face. A fruit cake. Made of anti freeze, razors and rat poison.

tj5810 21

Wow... That escalated quickly.

Oh Mah Gravy.. Awesome assassin idea.. :D

Pull out your bear claws and make her a minced meat pie.