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well they are on vacation so let them have their fun crabby!

Define blood curdling...


u been watching too much HBO...

Realized noticed? OP, You just gave birth to a fail whale.

I wanna have a fail whale too.

well they are on vacation so let them have their fun crabby!

Sounds like they've been having fun.

That's exactly what 3 just said.

they were being considerate

^ they just might have been.

^ that's what i call hardcore swingers!

Sounds like you're a jealous buzz-kill. :) I fail to see this as an FML, you went snooping, at least they were being sneaky.

blood curdling sex? whoa

what the f**k is blood curdling sex

It's what happens to your blood when you hear or see your grandparents having sex.

Define blood curdling...

lol yeah really... o.0

Smartass attempt fail. Only three dubya's.

no please don't:

Just think about it by using that brain you might have. Blood. Curdle. Blood curdling.

Oh wow, my bad. Because people obviously never make mistakes.

lol OCDC Epic picture :)

realized noticed? o.o you don't need both words, just one

choose one... did you notice or realize? Sounds awkward... But at least they didn't do it right in your hotel. They were being polite.

I'm so skeeved out by old people sex. Not saying I condemn it, I just don't like the thought of saggy parts.

could not agree more

you just haven't seen the buff old people. oh wait maybe you have, they just look real young.

That's because you're young! I felt the same way 30 years ago! wait till you're older!

Blood-curdling sex? Count me in.

At least they were enjoying their vacation!

i don't like to be the one breaking the news, but... the fact that your parents and grandparents have sex is the reason that you are there. i could see why other people may have a problem with this, but you?

just don't sleep in that room...or touch anything...