By DieuEstUnHomme - France - Reims
Today, while on the tram with my friend, we ended up discussing religion. When we started talking about God, some guy asked us, in a serious tone, to "stop talking about me" because it was really starting to bother him. FML
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  Xamry14  |  10

Found the obnoxious Atheist!

There's a difference between an Atheist and an obnoxious Atheist. OA for some reason feel the need to announce to the world how stupid everyone is for blindly believing in a "fantasy novel" creator while showing how superior they are for blindly believing that there is no such thing without proof either way.

Atheists just believe what they believe without the blatant hypocrisy.

  LivToFail  |  28

No, not what I was talking about #24, it was more of a shakeing my head gesture. I'm thinking that its odd that someone thinks that he is god. the "how do people like this exist" was kinda just my way of wondering why this guy thinks like he did, if you got some sort of misunderstanding, pm me about it please.

  Xamry14  |  10

He was probably not mentally ill and was being a smart ass. A serious tone doesn't mean it wasnt a joke. Best jokes are told with straight faces.

Calm down geeze. No one said anything remotely close to what your going on about. I think you need reading comprehension classes.

  CaptMacLeod  |  45

I have a friend that follows any utterance of "Oh my God" or "Dear God" with "Yes, can I help you?" This is part of a time-honored tradition of Freaking The Mundanes. Sounds like you found a player.