By LassieToe - 30/03/2012 03:48 - Australia

Today, while on the train to university, I realized it was my stop and quickly stood up to get off. Or I would have, if my leg hadn't gone to sleep and caused me to fall, landing face first into the crotch of the old guy in front of me. FML
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The reaction the guys face must have been priceless

You're on the right track


I hit the wrong fml I guess? My bad people. I would say it happens to us all, op. But I would be lying.

The reaction the guys face must have been priceless

At least you pulled!


Did he get a boner?

Oh, the joys of public transportation. Surprise head is just the start!

So did you finish the job?

I hope he didn't give you a creepy old man pedo smile. That would suck.

Wow... He sure liked it. But sucks for you. Funny though xD

The old guy could have been gay.

Meanwhile the old guys posting on a FTW site. "today I was sitting in a train when a girl shoved her face into my crotch"

bleh! I bet HE enjoyed it at least..

Unless she landed so hard his He-Man had a concussion.

I bet that made his day

You're on the right track

I see what you did there.

Most excitement he's probably had in a while... Though, it may have hurt depending on how hard your face hit his crotch. Ouch for both of you!

Sad day, when you bring a t-bagging upon accident