By Xtine - United States
Today, while on the road I saw a turtle in the middle of the other lane. I slammed on my brakes and got out, holding up and pissing off several drivers on both sides of the highway. Getting closer to the turtle, I realized that it was not a turtle at all, but a very large pile of dog shit. FML
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  lexilovesyou  |  0

Um this has nothing to do with having a liscence moron?

But anyway that does suck for youu. At least you have a good heart to save these animals.
Unlike most of the morons on here/-:

  easylazy  |  0

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  AngryC4t  |  0

If a small animal runs out in front of me while I'm driving, I run it over. Fuck that squirrel, I'm not risking killing a person by swerving into the oncoming lane like an idiot.


No words can ever express how retarded you are OP, people like you who actually let their emotions impair their common sense while driving need to get your license revoked. Seriously you people are worst than drunk drivers, there really needs to be an idiot test along with the regular driving test when going to get your licenses.

Question #1. When seeing a turtle in the middle the opposite lane of a busy highway do you.

A. Slam on your brakes in an attempt to save the animal, while killing/endangering the drivers around you.

B. Pull over to the side of the road and run across the busy highway, endangering your own life.

C. Ignore the animal and continue to drive responsibly and consciously.

  lolzforfun228  |  3

i still dont understand how people decided human life=more important than any other type of life form. True it's best to avoid ALL deaths but i dont think i'd just run of some fucking animal in the street. I agree that it would be hillarious if some person got hit on the highway because another person decided it wasn't worth the risk.

By  dimmythat  |  0

ok, i understand stopping if there was a turtle in YOUR lane. but for fucks sake, it was on the opposite side? and it was a highway? are you crazy? you could have caused a collision or could have been hurt yourself!

By  redbluegreen  |  40

How your eyes saw something in the other lane, and yet you weren't able to identify it makes me wonder how you got a license. It could've been a tire piece for all you know.
How'd you stop driving so fast anyway?

You did something VERY dangerous, I hope you know.